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The longest subway station in Asia started construction in Shenzhen

the Pinghu central station of Shenzhen Metro Line 10, located at the north gate of Shenzhen, was fully started construction on April 10, which is the longest single subway station in Asia currently under construction in China. Shenzhen Metro Line 10 is a phase III project of Shenzhen rail transit. It connects Futian port station adjacent to Hong Kong to the South and Pingjiang Lake hub in Longgang District to the north. It has a total length of 29.2 kilometers and will be completed and opened to traffic in 2020. Among them, Pinghu central station, the terminal station, is designed as an island structure with upper and lower floors. It is constructed by open excavation method, with a depth of 22 meters and a total length of 710 meters. After completion, it will become the longest single subway station in Asia

luohaibo, project manager of Shenzhen Metro of China Railway Construction 18 Bureau Group, introduced that the reason why a layer of grease should be applied to the surface of the subway to prevent rust. First, Pinghu central station is the terminal of Shenzhen Metro Line 10. Considering that the overall development of the surrounding businesses and properties of the car hardness classification station in the future, the subway traffic volume will increase by at least 20%. In order to reduce the pressure of passenger flow, conditions should be reserved for later subway transfer. Second, domestic subways are generally 6-car marshalling, while Shenzhen Metro Line 10 is designed to be 8-car marshalling. However, due to the limitations of environmental terrain and the setting of train turn back lines in the station, the length of the station is increased. In order to facilitate citizens' travel, Pinghu central station is designed with more than 12 entrances and exits, which also have the function of crossing the street

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