The low profit of recycled packaging paper in West

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The low profit of recycled packaging paper in Western Europe will lead to the closure of production capacity

review the impact of the uneven installation of the force measurement part before and after 2005 on the indicated value?, The recycled packaging paper industry in Western Europe continues to face challenges. At present, some adverse factors affecting the recycled packaging paper industry in Western Europe still exist (the European economic recovery is disappointing, and the euro remains high, especially in the first half of 2005). Other factors are structural and will continue to have a considerable impact on the industry

in terms of recycled waste cardboard boxes, producers continued to face an oversupply market in 2005. The evaluation of the average price to cost ratio of the cardboard industry in the first nine months of 2005 showed that its profits fell by a large proportion, which directly led to the shutdown of several machines and the closure of several factories. From the fourth quarter of 2004 to the fourth quarter of 2005, 665000 tons of recycled carton board capacity has been shut down, which only partially offset the increase in current production capacity. First, there are too many software in the accounting machine system

2005, due to the combined growth of inventory backlog in industrial departments and factories and the demand of cartoning factories in the Western European market, the market report has confirmed that the temporary demand growth is accelerating (the carton board inventory reached a relatively low level in September), which prompted some producers to announce that the price of carton board will increase by euros per ton from October 1, 2005. However, overcapacity curbed producers' attempts to raise prices. Recycled carton board producers only raised their prices in continental Europe in October, and the negotiations on raising prices in November 2005 encountered resistance. One thing is important: only when cartons manufacturers raise the price of corrugated boxes can the price of recycled cartons in Western Europe remain at a high level

in terms of carton board, the profitability of recycled waste paper products (bleached pulp vermicelli rough board, wlc/gd) has deteriorated seriously, mainly due to the excess supply of recycled waste carton board in Western Europe and the rise in product costs. In, the supply of WLC exceeded the apparent consumption by nearly 1million tons. The imbalance between supply and demand in 2005 created a fierce competitive environment, forcing producers to reduce prices to maintain and/or win market share. Since the end of 2002, the price of recycled waste paper products in Western Europe has declined to an average of 605 euros per ton in the third quarter of 2005

Western European cascades announced that the WLC price of its factory will increase by 60 euros per ton from January 1, 2006, while maryr melnhof and Reno de Medici want to increase by 50 euros per ton of work ideas and priorities in 2018. With our prediction of strong demand for folding carton board and carton board in the first six months of 2006, it is predicted that the price of folding carton board will rise comprehensively in the first half of 2006. However, the growth rate may still be limited, mainly because folding box factories will face stricter restrictions and stronger competition when trying to raise the price of this variety

looking ahead, more structural challenges lie ahead: first, the production capacity of recycled waste paper and paperboard packaging industry will expand rapidly in many regions of the world in the next two years, which will limit the growth momentum of recycled waste paper and paperboard exports in Western Europe. Second, in the next few years, the unstable demand/supply balance of recycled waste carton and paperboard products, because it is expected that the production capacity of recycled waste carton and paperboard in Western Europe will grow rapidly, which restricts Western European producers from significantly raising their prices. Therefore, it is predicted that the profit level of the recycled packaging paper industry in 2006 is still very low, which may lead to the shutdown of more factories or machines. The low profit level forces Western European producers to be more conservative in the newly increased investment after 2006. It is predicted that in, the recycled waste cardboard industry will have more factories or machines shut down and merged, and the waste cardboard industry will be more concentrated, and the oil return pipe of the oil delivery valve will be free of oil outflow

information source: China's industrial economy information

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