The Lovol wood grabber in the depths of the hottes

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Maximizing the benefits of Lovol wood grabber in the depth of Xiaoxing'an Mountains

maximizing the benefits of Lovol wood grabber in the depth of Xiaoxing'an Mountains

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Xiaoxing'an Mountains is one of the main forest areas in China, which breeds and grows many precious trees such as Korean pine, and has become a national key timber forest base. The rich forest resources in the Xiaoxing'an Mountains have driven the development of the local forest industry, and Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province, known as the "forest capital of the motherland" and "hometown of Korean pine", has quickly become a new wood industry center. As an indispensable production tool for the forest industry, the wood grabbing machine can't lack the lead screw and head nut. The operating temperature of minus 40 ℃ in winter also makes Yichun forest region a parade ground for many brand wood grabbing machines

when Lovol wood grabber first entered the Yichun market, this area has been operated by other brands for many years. In order to open the Yichun wood grabbing machine market as soon as possible, Lovol loader has formulated strategic measures to drive sales with service, earnestly implemented the service concept of "serving you wholeheartedly", and made every effort to ensure the maximization of the interests of customers

in order to get closer to users, Lovol loaders conducted household visits in Yichun Area. During the visit, the service personnel inspected the vehicle for the customer at minus 40 ℃ and explained the common sense of daily use and maintenance of the loader; And actively contact with local key customer resources to formulate preferential policies for the "big" procurement of the forest farm, Ernst Siebert said. With considerate service and excellent quality, Lovol has nearly 50 wood grabbing machines in only one forest farm in the county

according to the characteristics of deep forests and long roads in the Xiaoxing'an Mountain forest area, Lovol loaders are equipped with special service vehicles and service engineers. Even in the extremely cold season of more than 40 degrees below zero, LOVOL Loaders' service personnel can first strengthen the support of the financial market for small and medium-sized enterprises and property rights reorganization, and rush to users to solve on-site problems for users. Due to the assured quality and one-step service of Lovol loaders, the sales volume of Lovol grabber in this region has occupied the first place in the industry

when mentioning the Lovol wood grabbing machine, user Liu Kunyuan told the author, "Lovol wood grabbing machine is fuel-efficient and fast. If there is something wrong, enter the mountain at minus 40 degrees to repair it for us, and the service is still good!"

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