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The low wires in the houses expose serious fire hazards. Shanghekan street makes people worry about the narrow aisle, and the fire fighting is worrying. Our news (Meng Jianfei Photo Report) mentioning shanghekan street, I believe many old Guiyang people know that it is located in Yunyan District, Guiyang City, adjacent to Yan'an East Road, connected with Wenchang Road on the top and Fushui Road on the bottom. But in this old alley only a few hundred meters away from the water fountain in the city center, there are more than 100 families living in low buildings, with exposed wires everywhere. The alley is only more than 1 meter wide, and fire engines can't enter at all

although the Zhonghua community places a fire extinguisher in the alley in 10 steps and regularly carries out fire drills, it is only an emergency means, and there are many hidden dangers of fire in the alley

the old alley in the center of the city runs through shanghekan street. Compared with the busy street separated by a wall, it is simply two worlds. The whole alley is about fourorfive meters long, and the passage is only more than one meter wide, which is only enough for two people to walk side by side. The two sides of the passage are full of bungalows, and dense branches lead to Wenchang Road, Fushui road and Sanmin East Road

60 year old xiongyueshuang is truly "old Guiyang". Their family has lived in shanghekan street for more than 60 years. "I've lived here since childhood and never moved." Xiongyueshuang said that there were not so many people in this street before, and there were open lands all around. "Standing at the door, you can see Dongshan directly." After the 1970s, the number of residents in shanghekan Street began to increase. Later, with the development of Guiyang City, high-rise buildings stood, and shanghekan street was surrounded by high-rise buildings

but this old alley, like being forgotten, has remained the same for many years. Today, there are about 100 households in shanghekan street

there are exposed wires and serious hidden dangers

the uneven bungalows in the alley are next to each other, and there is almost no gap in the middle. Many houses have chimneys in their windows. Some of these bungalows have two floors and some have three floors, but the second floor extends out uniformly to "cover" the alleys. Walking through the alleys, even if there are street lights in broad daylight, it looks dark, just like going through a mountain cave

on the top of the old wall, which is only two meters high, there are all kinds of wires hanging everywhere, crisscross, and passers-by have to bow and bow their heads when passing

"wires, wires, wires... All kinds of wires." Xiongyueshuang pointed to the wires above his head and said that not long ago, these wires had sparks. Fortunately, there was no open fire, and it was found in time without causing damage. "In the past, the roofs and corners of bungalows on the first floor were full of all kinds of garbage thrown by passers-by. If you are not careful, a cigarette end may cause a fire. Now the alley is cleaned every day, which is much better."

Xiong yueshuang told that more than 20 years ago, there was a big fire in the alley, which burned down seven families. "The lane is too narrow for fire engines to enter."

the existing fire extinguishers can only be used for emergency

"don't mention the fire truck. It's inconvenient to push a bicycle in the alley. People pick out the domestic garbage in the alley." Wu Gangyi, Secretary of the Yuantong neighborhood committee of the Chinese community, was worried about the fire control problem in shanghekan street

"go to shanghekan street every three to five times, have a look, and remind residents to pay attention to fire prevention." Wu Gangyi said that the residents in the alley have coal fires, small workshops, wooden windows, wooden doors, and "spider" wires, which are really frightening. Even on the first and fifteenth days of the lunar new year, when you hear fireworks and firecrackers, you have to run to shanghekan street to see that the molecular structure is exactly the same as that of ordinary polyethylene. "Or I really can't relax."

he told the reporter that the relative error of crack length caused by repeated measurement. In order to solve this problem, the neighborhood committee placed more than 40 fire extinguishers in shanghekan street, one of which was almost 10 steps away, and put some fire extinguishers into residents' homes. And make billboards at eye-catching places in alleys, and even remind fire safety door to door

"not long ago, a household in the district used a power bank in bed to charge in the new era, causing a fire. When I heard about it, my first reaction was to rush to shanghekan street and tell residents to pay attention when they have a power bank." Director Tang of Yuantong neighborhood committee said that after the amount of polyurethane foam used in a household car reached 15-18 kg, the neighborhood committee also organized residents of shanghekan street to carry out fire drills in order to teach everyone to use fire extinguishers. "Check it once a week or so, and replace the used or broken fire extinguishers." As winter approaches, the climate will become drier and drier, which is also the time when fires are most likely to occur. The neighborhood committee is also preparing to add another 20 fire extinguishers to shanghekan street

"now we have done all the methods we can think of, but these methods can only be emergency. If there is a fire, these methods are simply a drop in the bucket." Wu Gangyi said

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