The loss of the hottest coal enterprises intensifi

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The loss of coal enterprises intensifies, and the difficulty relief of the industry becomes the focus of attention again

the loss of coal enterprises intensifies, and the difficulty relief of the industry becomes the focus of attention again

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since this year, with the continuous deterioration of the coal market, coal enterprises have also fallen into unprecedented difficulties

to make matters worse, on August 26, the national development and Reform Commission issued a notice, deciding to reduce the average electricity price per kilowatt hour on the benchmark of national coal-fired power generation enterprises by 0.93 cents from September 1, while maintaining the overall level of sales electricity price unchanged

with the reduction of the upper electricity price, the performance of coal enterprises in the second half of the year will also be more pessimistic

the national development and Reform Commission recently convened a meeting of the heads of large enterprises, including the five major power generation groups and Shenhua Group, to convey the spirit of the instructions of senior leaders on the difficulty relief of the coal industry and study the work related to coal import

according to authoritative experts, the high-level leaders attach great importance to the coal mine relief work and have unprecedented determination. It is expected that a number of stronger measures may be introduced in the future to help the coal industry out of difficulties

analysts said that at present, the domestic coal market has just been stabilized by the favorable factors of large-scale coal enterprises limiting production and stabilizing prices, but in the later stage, due to the impact of the increase in electricity prices, the effect of limiting production may not be obvious, and it is difficult for thermal coal to maintain the steady state of enterprises

the performance of 90% coal enterprises fell

according to wind data statistics, as of August 27, a total of 30 coal enterprises released the 2014 semi annual report, of which 27 coal enterprises' performance fell year-on-year, accounting for 90%, and only 3 coal enterprises' performance increased year-on-year

among them, Zhengzhou coal power lost 51.95 million yuan in the first half of this year, a year-on-year decrease of 372%; Shenhuo lost 360million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 262%

wind data also shows that among the 30 coal enterprises, 9 companies suffered losses in the first half of the year. Among them, the most serious loss is SDIC Xinji

according to the 2014 semi annual report of SDIC Xinji, the net profit of the company in the first half of the year was -647 million yuan, while the profit in the same period of last year was 130 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 594.50%. In this regard, the company said that it was also an important factor for the smooth progress of the experiment and the accuracy of the experimental results. In the first half of this year, the coal market continued to decline, the coal price fell, and the company's commodity coal price fell by 59.92 yuan/ton year-on-year

at the same time, SDIC Xinji also predicted that the performance from January to September 2014 may be a loss. The main reason is that up to now, the coal market is weak, the coal price continues to decline and there is no obvious sign of recovery in the short term

as for the reasons for the loss, the above coal enterprises mentioned that the coal market continued to be depressed, and the coal price continued to fall, leading to the continuous decline of the company

since this year, the coal market has been deteriorating, and coal enterprises have also fallen into unprecedented difficulties

not long ago, it can be used to repair the broken load-bearing bone. The latest report of the China Coal Industry Association pointed out that since this year, the problem of oversupply in the national coal market has become increasingly prominent, inventories have remained high, prices have fallen sharply, industrial economic benefits have continued to decline, enterprise losses have further expanded, and the situation of coal economic operation has become more severe

in addition, at present, the loss of coal enterprises has exceeded 70%, and 9 provinces have suffered losses in the whole industry. Among the 36 large-scale coal enterprises in the main coal producing provinces and regions, 20 enterprises lost money, 9 enterprises were on the edge of profit and loss, more than 50% of the enterprises reduced the wages of employees, and some enterprises delayed, reduced and underpaid wages

many coal industry analysts said that the long-term structural downward cycle of the coal industry has not yet ended, and the range of losses of coal enterprises will continue to expand

poverty relief measures continue to escalate

on August 27, the new Bohai Rim thermal coal index was released to close at 478 yuan/ton, down 1 yuan/ton from the previous week, and the price trend tends to be stable. According to the analysis of coal industry experts, the recent joint meeting on coal poverty relief has been held continuously, and some large coal enterprises have responded to the price guarantee and production restriction initiative and other positive factors, which have played a supporting role in the price of thermal coal

the measures taken by relevant state departments to help the coal industry will continue to upgrade

Recently, senior leaders presided over a special meeting on studying how to extricate coal enterprises from difficulties and promote the steady development of coal enterprises. The meeting called for appropriate restrictions on coal production capacity, the formulation of plans and specific plans to reduce production capacity and output, and the reduction of output by 200 million tons in the second half of the year, and the plan to be broken down to provinces and cities. We will accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity and close a certain number of coal mines. In addition, a blacklist system will be implemented

in the recently released notice on curbing coal mine production beyond capacity and standardizing the production behavior of enterprises, coal mines have been required to sign the letter of commitment for coal mines to organize production according to the registration and publication of production capacity, and make it public to the public. Those who violate the letter of commitment or cause safety accidents due to production beyond capacity will be blacklisted and linked to the project approval and financing loans of enterprises

it is noteworthy that the meeting presided over by senior leaders also proposed to strictly control imported coal and encourage exports. In the whole year, the import of coal was reduced by 50million tons to 100million tons. It is proposed to impose import tariffs of 3% to 6% on imported coal except lignite. As soon as possible, the measures for quality supervision of commercial coal will be issued to strengthen quality supervision and strictly restrict the import of high sulfur, high ash and low-quality coal

it is said that the national development and Reform Commission will also interview five major power enterprises to control the use of imported low-quality coal and link it to the power generation plan

the relevant meeting notice also shows that the national development and Reform Commission has asked Shenhua Group, China Resources Power and Yuedian group to fill in the questionnaire on the import price of power coal consumption since 2012, which is used to detect the performance of metal materials to resist impact under dynamic load, and the five power generation groups also need to submit the expected import of power coal in August to the meeting at the same time

there are hidden dangers ahead of capacity construction

at present, the coal industry has reached a difficult stage. Wang Xianzheng, President of China Coal Industry Association, pointed out at a recent meeting that the loss of coal enterprises has exceeded 70%. After long-term development, more than half of the enterprises have reduced, underpaid and delayed the payment of workers' wages. In particular, some old state-owned enterprises are in a more difficult situation. The deputy director of the coal regulatory bureau is even more worried that if the current situation continues, it will be extremely detrimental to safety production and the risk of major accidents will rise

in this regard, industry insiders pointed out that now in order to help coal enterprises out of difficulties, everything is possible. It is reported that the relevant parties have reached an agreement on the coal price in September. The bottom line is to keep the actual implementation price unchanged in August, which is expected to support the coal price to remain stable

it has to be mentioned that the current plight of the coal industry is directly related to the early capacity construction of the coal industry, resulting in a serious imbalance between supply and demand. Yesterday, Zhou Dadi, vice president of the China Energy Research Association, pointed out this at the China Distributed Energy International Forum. At the same time, he also reminded that the construction of power sources, including renewable energy such as scenery, also has the risk of surplus in the future

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