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In the first three quarters of this year, large and medium-sized iron and steel enterprises achieved a sales revenue of 2.24 trillion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 20%, according to the statistical data released by the China Iron and Steel Association; The total loss was 28.122 billion yuan, and the loss of the main steel industry was 55.271 billion yuan

CISA said that in the first three quarters, there were 49 loss making enterprises in the steel industry, accounting for 48.51% of the number of statistical member enterprises. The loss of loss making enterprises was 45.042 billion yuan, an increase of 352.85% year-on-year

the recently released third quarter report shows that the losses of Listed Companies in the steel sector have increased. Jiuquan Iron and steel Hongxing lost 3.53 billion yuan in the first three quarters, temporarily listed as the "king of losses", Maanshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. lost 2.58 billion yuan, and many steel enterprises such as WISCO and Angang Steel Co., Ltd. lost 5 in advance. Therefore, the spectral intensity can be compared by more than 100 million yuan

analyst Zhang Lei told the Beijing news that the losses of steel enterprises in the first three quarters further expanded, on the one hand, because the market price of steel fell, and the cost reduction did not offset its decline. 6. The relationship between gear amplification and range classification; On the other hand, jg5099 (1) 998 of the safety rules for high-altitude working machinery has not only impacted the market, but also increased the loss base correspondingly because the output of steel enterprises remained high

the increasing losses in the industry made the market worried about the default of steel enterprises. Chenyuqian, director of the financial assets Department of CISA, said yesterday that the current possible bond defaults are more likely to occur in trading enterprises, but as the outlook of the steel industry declines, debt problems may become more and more

Sinosteel announced on the 19th of this month that it would delay the payment of the current interest of the "10 Sinosteel bonds" with a scale of 2billion yuan, which means that the first steel enterprise has actually entered a state of debt default

the prospect of industry merger and reorganization is unclear

however, when the industry losses increase, some enterprises with better operations are still struggling to maintain profits, which shows that the industry differentiation is intensifying. Some voices say that this provides conditions for the industry to carry out merger and reorganization, and the rumors of Baosteel WISCO merger rise again

the data of CISA shows that in the first three quarters, the top 10 profitable enterprises made a total profit of 12.382 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 18.73%; The top 10 enterprises with losses incurred a total loss of 32.084 billion yuan, more than 10 times the loss in the same period last year

Zhang Lei believes that most of the mergers and acquisitions in the current industry are just the addition of enterprises. Those loss making enterprises have many non-performing assets, heavy burden, unreasonable product structure and overcapacity in the whole steel industry, which are far from being solved. So now mergers and acquisitions will become more of a burden on enterprises with good profits, and even "drag them down"

a senior expert in the steel industry said that so far, there have been few successful cases of mergers and acquisitions in the steel industry; WISCO and Liugang have parted ways because of the Fangchenggang project a few days ago, and it is precisely because of this project that WISCO has greater pressure on its performance

Zhang Lei predicts that the price of raw materials is expected to move down in the fourth quarter, but the steel market price is difficult to be good due to the pressure of supply and demand. We should regularly check and improve it. In addition, the stubborn diseases of the industry and enterprises are difficult to eliminate in a short time. It is expected that steel enterprises will continue to lose money in the fourth quarter, but the loss rate is expected to ease slightly

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