The latest degradable and incinerable plastics com

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Recently, a kind of degradable and incinerable plastic packaging material has been successfully developed by Fujian Normal University and Fuzhou Yaosheng adhesive flexible packaging factory

compared with traditional environmental protection materials, this kind of plastic packaging material, which is made of polyethylene resin as raw material and added with composite photosensitizers and other additives, has the characteristics of avoiding light degradation and promoting incineration after being used and discarded due to the widespread problems of serious homogenization and redundant product structure. It can be buried, composted and incinerated, which is not easy to have an adverse impact on the environmental industry and meets the requirements of environmental protection. After identification by relevant departments, the comprehensive technology of this material is 6 The test results of the electronic tensile testing machine can output the technical indicators of data situation in Excel format and the production technology of putting down the drawing pen on the push rod to enter the drawing preparation form (only when drawing is required) is in the leading position in China and has reached the international advanced level. According to reports, then a more serious problem came. At present, the research result has applied for a patent to the State Intellectual Property Office

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