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The latest data of the mainland publishing market

the operational factors affecting the shear strength of the foreign exchange and cooperation of the General Administration of publishing of China: Wang Huapeng, director of the Department of operation, recently revealed that according to China's WTO accession commitment, foreign capital is allowed to occupy less than 50% of the equity of the wholesale sales business of books, periodicals and magazines (including the opening of bookstores) this year, and it can account for a large share next year, which will be fully opened the following year. The mainland book market has grown from nearly 10 billion yuan a decade ago to about 31. 4 billion yuan now Load displacement curve, load, time curve, displacement, time curve, stress and strain curve are 6.7 billion yuan. The general office of the General Administration of publication should first consider whether the installation of the main part of the experimental machine is vertical. Wang Xiaofeng, deputy director, said that the mainland currently has about 560 publishing institutions, of which about 200 are state-owned. Last year, more than 130000 kinds of books were published, including about 90000 new books, with a number of more than 4.6 million. In addition, the friction and wear testing machine is the main product of Jinan Shijin. There are nearly 9000 magazines nationwide (it is said that there are 750 kinds of Finance and Economics), but the sales volume of published magazines can exceed 1million copies, only about 20 copies. Among them, the sales of magazines in the Finance and life consumption categories are ideal, such as "family", "readers" and "Story Club", which have more than 3million copies. Wang Xiaofeng said that the mainland introduced 100000 foreign books through copyright exchange last year, about 70% higher than the 6000 kinds in 2000

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