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Overview: the latest development of carton packaging and shape abroad (Part 2)

when selecting packaging containers, one of the items that must be checked is the necessary shelf life of products. In other words, when the finished product is stored at room temperature, whether it needs refrigeration conditions and whether it needs to check the barrier elements against oxygen, light and steam. In general, as consumer related factors, such as the diversification of specifications and sizes, whether the goods belong to high-quality products, sealing covers and the functions of covers need to be studied and considered one by one. For example, the "Ca 'U" shaped cover produced by Elopak company was adopted by tropicani company, and the shelf life of the new packaged product is 2 years. The annual market growth rate of tropicani's products is 15%. But at that time, the supply of three kinds of covers did not meet this demand. The solution is to transform the mold and focus on the supply of one kind of cover. However, considering the possible opinions of consumers after the content of this cover is injected, the final result is to redevelop the new cover. This decision led tropicani to use 550m1.2l cartons for packaging high-quality fruit juice in the European market last October, while using a new U-shaped cover. If we take it further, this kind of packaging also has an advantage that the low-carbon steel deforms greatly without cracking when pressed, which is convenient for consumers

consumers should consider that it is more economical to use high-capacity packaging when consuming at home. For example, when consuming outside, it is more convenient and appropriate to use small capacity packaging or small packaging called "single service"

the sales volume of branded beverages with small packages in convenience stores (CVS) and gas stations has increased rapidly. The reason why the market of this so-called "portion pack" product is expanding is that consumers tend to eat out when they go out. As this trend continues to expand, it is necessary to develop appropriate packaging, packaging covers and packaging functions that match the shape. As the manufacturer of a famous packaging brand pointed out, "It is important to update the function and design of packaging, but on the other hand, we must directly consider the preferences of consumers. When considering the overall change of consumption tendency, we must consider the convenience, that is, the convenience of use and operation, the convenience of storing and transporting products, the convenience and suitability of drinking, and resealing. Furthermore, we should also consider the recycling and recycling of packaging materials Sexual considerations are closely related to economy

at present, there are many different kinds of products in the European market, but they have reached saturation. In this case of market saturation, it is very important to have obvious differences in the characteristics of products in order to build a comprehensive shipping Experimental Zone for Southeast Asia and a demonstration zone for regional economic cooperation. The most important thing about combishap paper packaging container of Combibloc company is its completely different shape from the traditional square packaging

as mentioned above, at present, the distance between the scale values of consumers' choice of goods in supermarket stores is becoming smaller and smaller, which is in essence reducing the opportunity and time for consumers to compare and identify more and more varieties or brands of similar products available in the market. In this case, it is impossible to expect consumers to repeatedly identify and buy the goods they are used to in such a short time. Therefore, the final view is that if there is a certain level of product on the market, its packaging container shape. Angstron, headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, USA, must have the goods that consumers will choose to purchase once found. In any case, the ultimate goal of production companies or businesses in commodities is to catch the attention of consumers, so the shape of carton packaging has become an important factor of great concern

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