The latest deep processing technology of composite

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The world's latest deep processing technology of composite structure core material

the initial application of sandwich structure has gradually developed from the aerospace industry at the beginning of the last century to today's shipping, transportation, sports equipment, wind power generation, medical equipment and other fields

the rapid development of sandwich structure composites in recent decades lies in its "light weight and high strength" characteristics, while the design concept and processing technology of sandwich structure are C.5 soil 1 mm/min; It shows the magical charm of "lighter and stronger" composite materials

latest product

kl-90/45d equipment produced by German Kelman group is the latest deep processing technology of composite structural core materials in the world at present. Through the upper and lower composite fiber braids and 90 degree vertical or 45 degree diagonal insertion of reinforcing fibers, in the structural core materials that have gone to the market through the military and civil integration (polyurethane PU, PVC, PVC and other hard foam materials can be processed), during the glue injection, the resin enters the core materials through the fiber trough, After curing, the resin and glass fiber form a support, which greatly enhances the compressive and bending strength of the core material. Therefore, the scope of use of the structural core material is expanded and the amount of use of the structural core material is saved, which plays a role in energy saving, environmental protection, material saving and value-added

this 1. The scope of use of any product that will produce bad products in a certain period of time due to transportation, use, storage, collision and vibration: wind turbine blades, internal structural materials of high-speed train carriages, truck trailer boxes, containers, high-rise buildings, shipbuilding and other fields

kl-90/45d structural core material performance strengthening equipment

the equipment can insert 120 reinforcing fibers at the same time

technical performance of the equipment:

thickness range of Machinable structural core material: mm

line spacing: type 1 25 mm, 120 lines 90 degrees vertical

type 2 longitudinal 60 lines + 45 degrees, 60 lines - 45 degrees cross

3 type vertical 60 lines + 45 degrees, 60 lines - 45 degrees cross + horizontal 60 lines + 45 degrees, 60 lines - 45 degrees cross

type 1 90 degrees vertical strengthening

type 2 45 degrees cross strengthening

type 3 vertical and horizontal two-way 45 degrees cross strengthening

about kelmann

Germany kelmann special machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. currently has unpaid wages. The company is the only manufacturer of composite sewing equipment in the world, with a number of patented technologies, It is also an enterprise with a market share of more than 95% in the world aerospace industry

all major aviation enterprises in the world are Kelman's customers, from Airbus in Europe, Eurocopter, Boeing aircraft company in the United States to Harbin aircraft manufacturing group in China, and the Aviation Manufacturing Engineering Research Institute in Beijing. They all use Kelman's equipment to produce the most advanced composite light energy-saving aircraft

Kelman's equipment products have been recognized and applied by the aerospace industry worldwide. The use of Kelman's equipment opens the door to the advanced aerospace industry. (end)

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