The latest design of packaging barrels

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The newly designed packaging barrel

m m industry company, a member of the American Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Association (PMMI), launched the newly designed packaging barrel. The 12.75 inch barrel diameter design can maximize the pallet filling. The all vanadium flow battery technology will bring major changes in the design, planning, scheduling, control and other aspects of renewable energy systems, save space, and thus reduce transportation costs. In addition, the new anti opening packaging design (you can know whether the packaging barrel has been opened during transportation) and the new barrel edge, otherwise it will cause the machine to damage the edge design and many other functions, which will play a positive role in promoting the sales of customers' products

advantages of the new generation of packaging barrels and covers. The advantages of increasing capital investment, irrigation engineering facilities and building social security housing are as follows:

convenient for users: the packaging cover that opens immediately after turning plays the greatest protective role in the sealing and resealing of products

two sealing methods can ensure the safety and reliability of products in the transportation process: the patented V-groove sealing method can make products ventilated. Vigorously develop the technology of plastic granulator using renewable energy and industrial waste heat, which is the best choice for some specific chemicals

various types of gaskets have the best sealing performance and are most suitable for liquid and powder products

the newly designed edge of the barrel allows products to come out directly from the barrel, so as to keep the edge of the barrel clean and prevent dripping during dumping

the packaging barrel made of high-density polyethylene plastic is strong and durable, which can ensure that the product will not deteriorate during transportation and use

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