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Materials must reduce heat, improve heat resistance and ensure safety

with the development trend of lightweight and electric vehicles, automobile manufacturers are looking for plastic materials with high heat resistance and high cooling capacity. When the engine is close together and sealed, a large amount of heat will be generated. Therefore, materials resistant to high temperature up to 220 ℃ with an annual output of 40000 tons of polyoxymethylene and 150000 tons of hexanoic acid are required

the key to DuPont's high performance is to take steady steps, consolidate the foundation, and work for a long time. Franz Spitznagel, senior development project manager of Du Pont performance materials (DPM), said: "in the power field, the automotive industry faces the challenges of high temperature and high pressure. The demand for new materials that can reduce weight and improve productivity is also increasing, and the material price should be reasonable."

he said: "hybrid vehicles and all electric vehicles have also brought challenges to the industry, requiring materials with good electrical performance. We are studying new cooling mechanisms for automotive batteries."

the explosion of Samsung Galaxy sounded the safety alarm

spitznagel cited the example of the recent explosion accident of Samsung galaxynote7 to illustrate that the car battery must be prevented from overheating. He explained: "the Samsung case is very serious. The high energy density of the battery caused an explosion during use because the temperature rose to about 80 ℃."

"in the automotive industry, we need to improve the energy density of automotive batteries and extend the driving mileage, but at the same time we need to ensure the safety of end users. We are working with the industry to develop a perfect cooling system - the energy and temperature level will not exceed a critical point to ensure the safety of high-energy density batteries."

he said: "this is a challenge facing the industry - in addition to light weight, low energy consumption and low emissions, we should also provide a reasonably priced cooling system. Our engineers should consider solutions in this regard."

what are the highlights of DuPont K exhibition

DuPont High Performance Materials Division launched a variety of new product series for the automotive, wire, cable, electrical and electronic fields at the k2016 exhibition, including the latest halogen-free brand (expansion of its thermal conductive resin series), new polymer series with good electrical properties, innovative rubber for wire and cable blending manufacturers, and the latest high-performance polymer for injection molding that is completely comparable to the spraying effect and blow molding process

dupont zytelfr 95g25 v0nh and DuPont crastin fr 684nh are the latest halogen-free brands of DuPont high performance materials division. These solutions for electrical component applications have high comparative tracking index, long-term reliability, safety, and good performance at high temperatures

in order to improve the thermal management of electrical components, DPM has also developed a new heat conducting polymer in the Zytel series. The new Zytel fr 73200 TC has high cooling capacity and design flexibility, and can be used to manufacture long-life devices

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