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The material analysis industry has made a new appearance. As an important professional exhibition for the material analysis and testing industry in the Asia Pacific region, Shanghai international material analysis and laboratory technology exhibition will make a new appearance in the W2 exhibition hall of Shanghai New International Expo Center from February 19 to 21, 2020. The booth sales are in full swing

with the theme of "building an exchange platform for materials science and technology workers in the Asia Pacific region", Shanghai international material analysis exhibition will build an industrial chain of radiation materials analysis and testing and laboratory technology, an effective business platform integrating material analysis and testing, material testing, quality control in the production and manufacturing process, and laboratory technology and equipment. At the same time, it will hold a number of professional forums and business activities to grasp the pulse of the industry from professionals at all ends of the industrial chain, Access to innovative solutions

2020 Shanghai international material analysis exhibition, together with AEE aviation technology exhibition and smart industry exhibition hall W1, will attract more than 500 exhibitors and 20000 professional visitors

organizer: Shanghai Shiwei Exhibition Co., Ltd. | CMRs | CIS analysis and testing branch

"exhibition highlights"

1. The domestic first professional exhibition platform for the exchange of materials science and technology workers

2. Landing in the Shanghai professional exhibition venue, building an industrial chain platform

3. Relying on China's most authoritative materials academic platform - China Materials Conference and exhibition, the accumulation of more than 10 years of industry conferences, The industry that has achieved excellent quality

"complete" brings together

basic experimental equipment for material scientific research, front-end equipment for material scientific research, physical and chemical analysis, microscope, spectrum, photochemistry

surface analysis, thermal analysis, nano semiconductor, element, material detection, radioactivity analysis, material testing machine

laboratory equipment, laboratory consumables, accessories, standards, common laboratory materials, laboratory technology, outsourcing services

3d printing technology and consumables

industry is the guarantee for the group of

professional buyers

Materials Engineering College; Materials Research Institute; Materials laboratory; Material R & D and Technology Department

third party platform; Quality control, inspection and quality inspection departments; Material testing agency

trade, distribution and retailers; System scheme supplier

union of industry associations and chambers of Commerce; Investment and financing institutions; Industry media

1.、 Invite from the purchasing department and Application Department of laboratories at all levels; R & D, science and technology, quality inspection, quality control and production process management departments of industrial manufacturing enterprises; System integrator; Third party platform; Industrial distribution and retailers

2.、 More professional seminars tailored to the needs of exhibitors and buyers were held at the same time, which caused the prices of industrial products to fall out of control in a short time, so as to comprehensively improve the exhibition effect

3.、 High end buyers enjoy free accommodation, transportation and other privileges

4.、 Invite buyers according to the needs of exhibitors, and provide supply and demand matching services for exhibitors/buyers

5.、 Mainly invite buyers and purchasers from the Yangtze River Delta region to visit the exhibition

"simultaneous supporting activities"

Industry Forum: well known experts, technical R & D personnel and enterprise managers at home and abroad in the application fields of electronic engineering, biomedicine, graphene, new energy, polymer, metal alloy, carbon fiber and other materials will gather together to discuss the industry's top technology and industry future

project matching: set up three matching areas with material analysis, material testing and laboratory technology and services as the core content, hold more than 10 project matching meetings, and have face-to-face exchanges between a number of domestic and foreign application industry business owners and suppliers, so as to create accurate marketing opportunities for enterprises

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