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Martini's sigmaline on-demand book production line: truly fast book production

Martini's sigmaline is a modular post-processing system for on-demand book production. Users can choose a complete production line, that is, the whole line processing system including printing, folding, horse riding binding, book cutting, page matching and binding; Or some configurations, such as a high-speed rotary printer with a wireless binding machine, a cooling tower and a three-sided book cutter

sigmaline is designed to produce a large number of on-demand books without compromising on quality. Andy fetherman, head of Martini's on-demand solutions department, said: "we have brought the highest commercial quality post press surface finishing to the digital printing market. Our target customers are those who need more high-end production systems to supplement offset book production, as well as those digital printers who want to compete with offset enterprises with the highest quality."

Figure 1 sigmaline was first launched in drupa2004 and has been continuously improved.

when it comes to configuring different sigmaline components, buyers will have a variety of choices, which is a bit like ordering through a menu. Users can select the rotating equipment of delphax, OC é, nipson, Xerox and IBM (currently discussing cooperation with Kodak Wansheng), which can be matched with different configurations of martini sigmaline. The fully automatic sigmaline system consists of three key components: a sigmabinder wireless binding machine with a speed of 1000 BPH and variable size, a sigmatower cooling tower for book cooling and drying adhesive, and a sigmatrimmer three-sided cutter with a speed of 1500 BPH and variable size

at present, many partners have participated in the integration of the production line, making the whole production line more complete and smooth, such as the uncoiler, web cutter and page dispenser of hunkeler and lasermax roll systems; You can also install an MBO folding machine connected with a palimide stacker, etc

figure 2:sigmaline is a modular system. Some configurations include sigmabinder (formerly amiago digital), which is a variable size wireless binding device with a speed of 1000 volumes/hour; Sigma tower is used for cooling and drying glue twisting agent and sigma three side book cutter. Relevant results of various sizes and thicknesses were published in compositesscienceandtechnology125 (2016) 22 (2) 9; Composites: for the books on parta90 (2016) 606 – 613, the preparation time before cutting books is zero

featherman pointed out: "sigmaline has a large number of built-in modules. You can buy a near-line version of sigmabinder, then install it into sigmatrimmer, and then connect the remaining components of sigmaline.

customers with multiple Xerox DP 1050 or OC é 7650 can choose sigmabinder for near line configuration now. Featherman said: "They want one binding machine for multiple printing lines, so they can install sigmabinder near the line."

measurement workstation improves flexibility

sigmabinder's measurement workstation plays a key role in the overall performance and flexibility of the system. For a special movable part, the bookbinding equipment is installed in the near line configuration. The operator must face down the book block in the measuring workstation and start the sensor. "After receiving the book block, the measuring workstation squeezes it, and then uses the laser to measure the thickness, length and width of the book block after extrusion. Then use these three data to set all the length, width, and thickness variables through sigmabinder. You can make the production process from one book to the next seamless, regardless of the size."

the measurement system can be used online as an inspection workstation. "Here you can verify whether the cover of the book conforms to the stack and whether the size given by the previous process equipment is correct. If the cover does not match or the size is incorrect, the stack or cover will be pushed out. Then you can find out where the fault is."

even if the printing machine is shut down for maintenance, the user can continue the book from another production line. Featherman said: "We know that we must maximize the normal operation time of the machine so that users can exceed the ROI requirements. We also know that there are some disputes between the connection and the near line. But offline means that there is no connection with other devices, which we do not agree with. Our measurement workstation allows sigmabinder to operate in the near line configuration, even including which line is connected to the host and the power supply, including the connection configuration.

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Ma tianthis research is dedicated to studying whether local mining projects can achieve a significant increase in mining volume in the next 10 years. Since drupa first exhibited sigmaline in 2004, he has been improving the equipment. "We are working on a controllable product that can inspire the developers, creatives and designers of our customers. The research will be completed in 2006 and will be fully promoted," said fetherman The new improvements include a continued cover drum that allows the operator to match the stack and cover before entering the sigmabinder. Fetherman said that currently, Martini is trying to make the device have more cover intelligence and technology, which will further improve the productivity of sigmaline

the complete sigmaline has been installed for the first time in the United States. It can perform wireless binding and horse riding binding on books. (end)

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