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Marvell released a comprehensive cloud computing service solution

happy Electronic Technology (deformation measurement of Marvell testing machine, nasdaq:mrvl) today announced the launch of an end-to-end cloud service and infrastructure platform to help enterprises and consumers achieve "connected lifestyle". Marvell is the only company that can provide network, computing and storage solutions and optical fiber and mobile Internet service architecture for supporting three kinds of clouds (private cloud, public cloud and home cloud). With all-round solutions, Marvell can organically "interconnect" all aspects of digital life, whether at home, at work or on the road

weili Dai, co-founder of Marvell, said: "Marvell can provide a complete set of end-to-end solutions covering mobile, video and cloud computing. I am very proud of Marvell's leading position in this field. Today, through social media and networking platforms, digital life has been extended to all aspects of our work and life. With the rapid popularization of intelligence, smart TV and tablet computers worldwide, people are storing more and more data in or from the cloud Download, and Marvell's comprehensive cloud service platform can provide timely, safe and reliable data transmission services. I believe that with more than a decade of successful and innovative experience in the storage and networking field, it will help us lead and drive newer and more flexible cloud solutions. "

as more and more people use ubiquitous and consistent ways to store and access critical business and personal information, such as documents, pictures, music and video files, cloud technology, which provides reliable support for "connected life", is facing increasing challenges and pressures. Jc/t547 (2) 005 ceramic tile adhesive Marvell is an industry leader in the field of storage, networking and application processing. Its innovative solutions extend to all fields of the evolving cloud ecosystem. Marvell's solutions in cloud services and infrastructure cover the following four points:

private cloud: employees with flexible and mobile workplaces need to access enterprise applications and data anytime and anywhere through various user platforms, which requires a more effective and secure network. At this interop conference, Marvell will launch an end-to-end chip solution to accelerate the deployment of private cloud services

these solutions include:

the innovative 4x4 wireless switch technology, which uses beamforming technology to provide customers with extended connection coverage. Commercial chip with centralized data flow management commercial chip solution for high-density 40g data center

public cloud: the public cloud is the backbone of the "connected lifestyle", covering a series of social media and e-commerce services, and helping to easily access data content (including pictures, books and video information) anywhere and anytime in the world. Marvell's public cloud solution provides an ideal choice for hybrid computing and storage servers, and is also the best platform for unstructured data analysis and fast access. On the slow release of productivity at the interop conference, Marvell will show for the first time:

using Marv to put forward higher requirements for the strength of finished products. Ell's arm CPU, storage controller and a full set of server software public cloud service/storage solutions adopt miops technology layered cache and high-density arm based cold storage solutions. It is designed to achieve the best balance between disk capacity and power circuits

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