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China mass spectrometry R & D - "2018 mass spectrometry conference" session focused on

instrument information on November 24, 2018, it was jointly sponsored by the mass spectrometry society of China (mass spectrometry branch of the Chinese Physical Society), the mass spectrometry analysis Professional Committee of the Chinese Chemical Society and the mass spectrometry instrument professional Committee of the analytical instrument branch of the Chinese instrumentation society, and undertaken by Guangzhou analysis and testing center and Sun Yat sen University, The "2018 China mass spectrometry academic conference" (cmsc

2018) Co organized by Guangdong Association for analysis and testing and Guangdong mass spectrometry society was grandly opened in Guangzhou Oriental Hotel. The theme of this conference is: a new era of mass spectrometry in China. More than 1900 experts and scholars in mass spectrometry technology and application, mass spectrometry manufacturers and relevant users from more than 10 countries and regions attended the meeting, and the scale of the meeting reached a new high compared with previous sessions. As a cooperative media, instrument information will make a series of reports on this conference

2018 China mass spectrometry academic conference site

the conference lasted for two and a half days (November 24-26). A total of 12 conference reports were invited and several sub venues were opened, including life science and medicine, new methods and technologies of mass spectrometry, instrument research and development and basic theory, environment and food, geoscience and materials and energy, clinical mass spectrometry, as well as a special session of youth forum

the development of mass spectrometry in China began in the mid-1950s. Over the past 40 years, fruitful achievements have been made in the research of mass spectrometry and related fields. Among them, a number of scientific research institutions and enterprises have also made great progress in the R & D and production of new mass spectrometry technologies and instruments. Many enterprises have been able to produce various mass spectrometry instruments. Academician chenhongyuan also mentioned in his speech at the opening ceremony of the mass spectrometry conference that in the past, China mostly bought mass spectrometry instruments. Now we can "build" mass spectrometry instruments ourselves. The beginning of extensive R & D and market-oriented manufacturing of various commercial mass spectrometers is one of the signs that China's mass spectrometry has entered a new era

sub Conference on instrument R & D and basic theory

therefore, the sub Conference on instrument R & D and basic theory has become a hot spot of the "2018 China mass spectrometry academic conference". There were 27 reports in the sub venue. Among them, there were not only "big names" in the industry such as Yang PENGYUAN, Jiang Shan, panyuanjiang, Zhou Zhen, hang Wei and Ouyang Zheng, but also "new forces" such as Xiong Xingchuang, Xu Wei, Shen Chengyin, Wen LuHong and Hou Keyong, who brought wonderful reports one after another. At the same time, Binsong, Edith watts, Perkin Elmer, excellims and other instrument or component enterprises also introduced their latest product technologies. The following describes some of the contents of the report:

Ouyang Zheng of Tsinghua University

report title: O zone induced disassociation implemented with a dual trap mass

spectrometer for lipid analysis

Ouyang Zheng has been engaged in the R & D and application development of mass spectrometers for more than ten years. He is an expert in the theory, design, sampling and ionization of mass spectrometers. He advocates the miniaturization of mass spectrometers, and is an expert in mass spectrometers innovation Mass spectrometry technology has done a lot of work in scientific research and practical application, which has an impact on the buffer to make the swing rod come back safely. Its achievements are applicable to food safety, anti-terrorism, medical diagnosis and aerospace exploration. It is a senior expert in the field of cobalt metal; Zhang Zhixian has been deeply involved in the automotive metal materials industry for many years

the Omega analysis system developed by Qingpu provides a key core technical means for the analysis of lipid double bond position isomers, and brings a new way to find lipid metabolomics biomarker

Hamamatsu photonics zhouxusheng

report title: new generation devices improve the performance of mass spectrometry detection

Hamamatsu and mass spectrometry analysis have a history of 40 years. Mass spectrometry related products include ionization and ion detection related products. In the report, zhouxusheng introduced Binsong's newly launched auxiliary ionization substrate diuthame, detector might (mcp+ad)

, detector cerarion (lead-free CEM), etc. Diuthame is a new matrix free ionization method proposed by Hamamatsu photonics. It has the characteristics of less noise in the low molecular field, the realization of high-resolution imaging, and good repeatability of imaging. With a total gain of more than 106 and a wide dynamic range, mightion is a detector with high performance

The new isotope mass spectrometer accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) overcomes the limitation of molecular background and isoectopic background interference existing in traditional MS, and has extremely high isotope abundance sensitivity. At present, the abundance sensitivity of traditional MS is the highest, while that of AMS is the highest. AMS provides a powerful testing means for the in-depth development of many disciplines, such as geology, archaeology, ocean, environment and so on

after his retirement, Professor Jiang Shan set up a company to develop AMS miniaturization technology, fast/measurement technology, new AMS technology, ionogen and detector technology, etc Hang Wei, Xiamen University, report title: laser post ionization technology and its application

hang Wei's team has built a laser post ionization reflective time-of-flight mass spectrometer, which uses 532 nm pulse laser to realize the desorption of solid surface substances, and uses the second laser (266

nm) to make the ionization of vaporized substances follow the multi photon non resonant ionization mechanism, That is, the atom to be measured reaches a stable excited state with a long relaxation time after absorbing one photon energy, and then ionizes it by absorbing the second photon. The experimental results show the great potential of laser desorption/laser post ionization mass spectrometry in the rapid analysis of solid samples. Hang Wei introduced that the next research direction may be to improve the performance of the experimental device through the application of stronger laser, shorter pulse, shorter wavelength and other technologies

Wu Qing, American excellims company

report title: formation, equalization and disassociation of peptide radio


ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) is a new separation and detection technology developed in the 1970s. In 2012, excellims' electrospray spray high-efficiency ion mobility spectrum products came out. IMS MS has become the frontier of mass spectrometer development. It is reported that in terms of joint use, excellims and semefi have a cooperation project. The Orbitrap software of semefi can directly control the ion mobility spectrum of excellims

Wen LuHong of Ningbo University

report title: Research on the development of new ion sources and drug analysis and application

the development of ion sources is the hot spot and frontier of current mass spectrometry technology research. Among them, the new open ion source meets the needs of in-situ, real-time and rapid analysis. It is a powerful detection "weapon" in the hot fields of people's livelihood such as drug safety, food safety, safety protection and medical diagnosis, and has a broad application prospect. In the report, Wen LuHong introduced that dbdi ion source has the characteristics of direct ionization at atmospheric pressure, high speed and low cost, and can be applied to natural drug quality and genuine identification, drug production process quality monitoring and other fields. Dbdi+apci composite ion source has better ionization efficiency than APCI source and ESI source, and has comparative advantages in the analysis of sterols and esters

Jiangsu Kangda Testing Technology Co., Ltd. invited an internal bidding for a batch of analytical instruments this month, with a total value of 17.54 million. Including 13 sets of chromatographs, 17 sets of mass spectrometers and 24 sets of other analytical instruments. After the laboratory technicians fully considered the instrument indicators, practical application, warranty period and maintenance cost of mainstream brands, Shimadzu finally won the order for seven sets of chromatographs, sixteen sets of mass spectrometers and three sets of spectrometers, becoming the biggest winner of this procurement

after this purchase of analytical instruments, Shimadzu tested more than 40 sets of mass spectrometers, more than 30 sets of chromatographs and six sets of spectrometers in Kangda Suzhou laboratory

s/N instrument name model configuration manufacturer installation site quantity 1 gas chromatograph gc-2030 dual injection port (equipped with automatic sampler) Dual ecdshimadz will directly provide Jaguar Land Rover UK factory with excellent aluminum extrusion products as a tier 1 supplier. U Park 12 gas chromatograph gc-2030 single spl+ecd detector + autosampler + disk + (FID) Shimadzu Park 13 gas chromatograph gc-2030 single spl+fpd detector + autosampler + pan Shimadzu Park 14 gas chromatograph gc-2030spl+fid detector front end is connected to purge and trap Shimadzu Park 15 gas chromatograph gc-2030spl+fid detector + autosampler + pan Shimadzu City 16 gas chromatograph gc-2030spl+fid detector + autosampler + pan Shimadzu City 18 gas chromatograph gcms-qp2020 is used with thermal analyzer, Single inlet Shimadzu Park 29 gc-qp2020 is used for purging, single inlet Shimadzu Park 510 is used for purging and trapping xyztekmar Park 711 gc-qp2020 single inlet, automatic sampler + pan Shimadzu Park 912 liquid chromatograph lc-2030uv- single wavelength Shimadzu Park 1icp automatic sampler icpe982060 (or above) produces fusible Moldable tough material area 113 inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer nexion 1000 with autosampler Perkin Elmer Park 114 atomic fluorescence photometer 8510 conventional configuration haiguang Park 115 inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer Avio 500 without autosampler Perkin Elmer Park 116 UV visible spectrophotometer tu1810 conventional configuration general analysis Park 517 continuous flow analyzer san++5000 Park 118 ion chromatography 882 configuration 56 position sampler Metr Ohm Park 219 ion chromatography 883 equipped with 56 position sampler metrohm Park 620 automatic headspace sampler HS20 urban area 121 atomic absorption spectrometer aa6880 flame Shimadzu Park 122 atomic absorption spectrometer aa6880 flame + graphite furnace Shimadzu Park 123toc analyzer Shimadzu urban area 124 automatic solid-phase extractor aspe 899 Park 125 infrared oil detector urban area 1

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