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[CCID] in order to accelerate the construction of broadband, integrated, secure and ubiquitous next-generation national information infrastructure, promote the development of the communication industry, comprehensively improve the informatization level, and promote the transformation of economic development mode, lianxun securities stressed that recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology released the "12th Five Year" development plan for the communication industry

the plan proposes that by 2015, the telecom business income will exceed 1.5 trillion yuan, of which the business income of basic telecom enterprises will exceed 1.1 trillion yuan. Establish an innovative industrial system and form a number of interconnected enterprises with strong international competitiveness. The cumulative investment in information infrastructure has exceeded 2trillion yuan, which has driven the further development of graphene, a communication equipment manufacturer, with its unusual thermal conductivity and conductivity industry, and realized the comprehensive upgrading of the intelligent terminal industry

the information network has achieved leaps and bounds. The optical fiber access network covers commercial buildings and newly-built residential areas. The optical fiber entry rate of newly-built residential buildings in cities has reached more than 60%. The urban and rural interconnection access bandwidth capacity has basically reached 20MBps and 4Mbps. The access bandwidth capacity of some developed cities has reached 100Mbps. The actual bandwidth level used by users has been significantly improved. 3G network basically covers urban and rural areas, realizing continuous coverage of hot areas of wireless broadband data services and LTE commercial use

emerging business forms are rising rapidly. Interconnection has been comprehensively deepened in all fields of national economic and social development. Information services benefit people's livelihood. The total number of users exceeds 1.4 billion, and the penetration rate exceeds 100 units/100 people, including more than 1.2 billion mobile users, and the mobile penetration rate exceeds 85 units/100 people; There are more than 800million Internet users, and the Internet penetration rate exceeds 57%. Whether the (fixed) Internet broadband access users' super hanger suspenders are straight and straight, and whether the number of fiber-optic home users is more than 40million 1. This is also a practical need for dislocation, rolling, transformation and upgrading; 3G users exceeded 450million, accounting for more than 36% of the total number of mobile users; More than 20 natural villages that have been electrified are basically accessible, and the proportion of broadband access in administrative villages has reached 95%, providing broadband access conditions for medical, educational and other public welfare institutions. CCID - China Electronic News

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