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Why do other people decorate better than us with materials of the same grade? This is largely due to the problem of color matching. Decoration is a kind of knowledge that pays great attention to color. Good color matching can improve several grades. Xiaobian, I specially sorted out some decoration color matching formulas today. Let's see if you've been hit

decoration color matching formula 1:

1. Don't decorate the restaurant with blue

blue has always been the representative of romantic color. It is used most in Mediterranean decoration and symbolizes freedom. In addition, blue has a certain calming effect, and there are many colors that can be matched and combined. But blue is not suitable for large-scale use in kitchens and restaurants; Because blue will make the food look less attractive and have a great impact on the appetite of the human body. If blue is used for bathroom decoration, it is a good choice, which can add a trace of mystery

2. Don't compare black and white equally

black and white collocation is a very modern color combination, which is more common in modern style decoration. Collocation is a good collocation, but it should be tilted in proportion, otherwise it will only make people feel dizzy, and there is no sense of relaxation at all. With black-and-white collocation, it is suggested to take white as the dominant color, and partially use black to set off and decorate, so that the space can use black or other colors to activate the space atmosphere while maintaining brightness

decoration color matching formula 2:

3. Don't use purple in a large area

purple gives people the feeling of sometimes calm, sometimes fragile, and people's imagination. Purple is a color with strong saturation, which will reduce the brightness of space. Staying in a pure purple environment for a long time is easy to produce a sense of depression. Therefore, it is not suitable for the elderly room, children's room and living room. But if purple is used to decorate the master bedroom, it is a good choice, which can add interest to life

4. Don't brush the wall with bright pink

pink is a color full of girlish hearts, which many girls like. But when used in decoration, we have to pay attention. Bright pink, in fact, is easy to make people feel irritable, because it is easy to enter an excited state, and will develop in the direction of irritability over time; Sometimes I don't know how inexplicably angry I am. But as an embellishment color, it can add warmth. If it is used on the wall paint of children's room, it is recommended to use light pink or light pink. This degree of color sense is mild

article summary: the above is all the contents of the decoration color matching formula compiled by Xiaobian for you. Color matching can be a subject worth studying. Therefore, when decorating, you can analyze what color is suitable for you from your own personality, so that the decorated room can be more warm




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