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On May 23, 2017, the 11th China International Symposium on the development of waterborne wood coatings was held in Houjie, Dongguan

On May 23, 2017, the 11th China International Symposium on the development of waterborne wood coatings was held in Houjie, Dongguan. The meeting was hosted by China Paint Industry Association, and invited Dr. Li Xiaoliang from the Environmental Planning Institute of the Ministry of environmental protection, the vice mayor of Dongguan, Mr. Wan zhuopei, the Party committee and vice mayor of Shaoguan, Ms. Zhang Bingbing, the Secretary General of China Furniture Association and other important leaders, as well as elite representatives from paint enterprises, furniture enterprises, raw and auxiliary materials enterprises and other industries

Chen Bing, chairman of zhanchen group, Liu Zhigang, chief product Officer (CPO) and general manager of technology center attended the first meeting of 2017 Waterborne Wood Coatings Industry Alliance

Chen Bing, President of Guangdong coating Association and chairman of zhanchen group

excellent paper award ceremony

the meeting announced the selection results of excellent papers of China International waterborne wood coatings development seminar. The conference received a total of 51 papers, 43 of which were qualified and 16 of which won awards. Three papers of zhanchen group, "rheological analysis of water-based Wood Coatings", "development of high transparent primer with excellent hole penetration", and "exploration and research of LED cold light source curing water-based UV paint", won awards

wangdehua, manager of North water-based wood paint Research Institute of zhanchen group, brought the theme report of "Discussion on the selection of water-based paint coating equipment" at the meeting. Manager Wang mentioned in the report that zhanchen group not only sells products directly to customers, but also provides a package of environmental protection coating solutions. The selection of coating equipment is worth paying attention to and discussing. The combination of water-based paint and equipment coating can greatly improve the utilization rate of coating, production efficiency and product quality

driven by the national environmental protection policy, waterborne wood coatings will usher in a great development opportunity. In the transformation of "changing oil to water", zhanchen has had many successful cases, such as magnolia, Qumei, Tata, Sinorgchem, Quanyou, MAG, federal, Hengjie, kebaoboloni... Because they are dedicated, they are professional. Zhanchen welcomes more furniture enterprises to work with us to promote environmental protection and achieve a new breakthrough in green manufacturing in China's furniture industry





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