Eight hidden dangers of poor decoration

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It is said that the water in the decoration market is too deep. Many friends who have been decorated reported that he didn't find that building materials were expensive until half of the decoration. The decoration team made a mistake and the construction progress was too slow. In order to build a warm home for yourself, you can only be a supervisor in person, decorate in study, and find quality problems in decoration. However, he did not find some decoration problems, that is, the quality problems such as floor noise and unclear TV signal caused by the decoration workers' Jerry built work have brought a lot of inconvenience to life. Next, the author will introduce some problems often encountered in the decoration process. Friends who plan to decorate will come to prevent them in advance

problem 1: substrate treatment wall color difference

before painting emulsion paint and paving wall and floor tiles, we must do a good job in substrate treatment. Some workers cut corners in this aspect during construction, which may cause uneven walls, color difference after latex paint is applied, or discoloration and falling off of latex paint, or poor pasting of ceramic tiles

reminder: in the paving construction of wall and floor tiles, you should pay attention that tiles cannot be directly paved on the surface of lime mortar, lime paste, paper reinforced lime paste, machete lime paste and emulsion paint, but only after the base surface is cleaned. The bonding slurry used between the ceramic tile and the base shall be prepared in strict accordance with the construction standards and proportions, and the cement and bonding adhesive materials with the specified grades shall be used, which cannot be prepared at will

when painting emulsion paint, we must pay attention to whether the application of wall putty is uniform and smooth, and whether grinding and rolling are in place. In addition, pay attention to whether the emulsion paint is properly proportioned

problem 2: ground leveling endangers buildings

the ground of some houses is not flat enough and needs to be re leveled during decoration. If the workers are not careful or deliberately rough, it will cause the problem of getting more uneven. Moreover, the cement mortar used in the construction will greatly increase the ground load and bring hidden dangers to the safety of the building

reminder: before the ground leveling, the base treatment of the ground must be done first, and then the ground leveling must be carried out with cement mortar. After the cement dries out, use a special level to determine the flatness of the whole ground, and then proceed to the next step of construction

problem 3: laying tiles hollows and falls off

laying wall and floor tiles is a highly technical process. If you cut corners, you are most likely to have problems such as hollowing of ceramic tiles. The cement and adhesive used for paving ceramic tiles are also exquisite. If the proportion is unreasonable, there will also be problems such as falling off

reminder: the quality acceptance standard for family room decoration engineering requires that the paving of wall and floor tiles should be flat and firm, with clear patterns, no dirt and mortar marks, the surface color is basically the same, the joints are uniform, the plates are free of cracks, corners and missing edges, and the local hollowing should not exceed 5% of the total

problem 4: the wall is slotted and the wall is cracked

the buried pipeline must be slotted on the wall and the ground before the pipeline can be buried. A few workers carried out brutal construction during the slotting operation, which not only damaged the load-bearing structure of the building, but also may cause damage to other nearby pipelines





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