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A warm home must have an exquisite kitchen. And a good range hood is a necessary weapon for a delicate kitchen. It can help cooks avoid the trouble of oil smoke and make people love cooking. What brand of range hood is good? Which kind of range hood is good? How about the price of range hood

[which kind of range hood is better] which kind of range hood is better? How to choose the range hood

which kind of range hood is better

now more and more families buy range hoods. Now there are many kinds of organic smoking in the market. Each style of range hood also has its own advantages and disadvantages, but many consumers do not know which kind of range hood is better when buying range hoods. Choosing range hoods also requires many, many different standards, and only pay attention to these small details, Only then can we buy a good range hood

consumers should choose a suitable range hood according to the size of their kitchen and the amount of lampblack. European range hood has beautiful appearance and fine manufacturing technology, but it does not have a large capacity smoke collecting cover, which is suitable for modern kitchens with large space and not much oil smoke; Chinese range hoods are beautiful in shape. Compared with other types of range hoods, they generally have the advantage of large air volume, and the structure of large capacity smoke collecting hood is conducive to the suction and discharge of oil smoke, which is suitable for kitchens with more oil smoke and larger space; The side suction range hood is light and beautiful in appearance and takes up small space, which is suitable for small kitchens; The Chinese sub deep range hood is between the thin and deep range hood, which is suitable for kitchens with moderate space and lampblack

classification of range hoods

Chinese range hoods

are mainly divided into old-fashioned shallow deep suction range hoods, especially shallow suction range hoods. It is an ordinary exhaust fan, which directly discharges the lampblack outdoors. The biggest problem of the deep suction ventilator is that it takes up space, makes a lot of noise, is easy to meet, drips the oil fume, does not smoke cleanly, has a short service life, is inconvenient to clean, and pollutes the environment. There are many brands

European range hood

use multi-layer oil screen filtration (5-7 layers) to increase the motor power to achieve the best effect. Generally, the power is more than 300 watts. The features are: beautiful appearance, expensive price and electricity consumption. The oil screen is inconvenient to clean, and it is easy to meet and drip oil

side suction range hood

the principle of using aerodynamics and hydrodynamics to design, first using the oil smoke separation plate on the surface to separate the oil smoke, and then discharging clean air. It is characterized by good lampblack effect, and the lampblack effect is more than 99%. Do not drop oil and do not touch each other. Hide in the cabinet and integrate into the cabinet without taking up space. The motor is oil-free, with long service life and convenient cleaning. The power saving is generally 160 watts. Lampblack does not pass through the breathing area to ensure the health of housewives. Discharge clean air without polluting the environment

how to choose a range hood

look at the appearance and material of the range hood

the first thing to choose a range hood is to see the style, whether it matches the overall style of the room, whether it saves space and does not meet, and the smoke collection effect of different styles is also different; Secondly, it depends on the material. The body materials of side suction range hood generally include stainless steel, cold rolled steel plate baking paint, cold rolled steel plate plastic spraying and so on. There are many grades of stainless steel materials for the fuselage, some of which are "Jerry built" on the back of the fuselage, using 0.4mm thick stainless iron, and some of which are even "replenished"

look at the motor quality of the range hood

the quality and power of the motor determine the smoke absorption capacity of the range hood. It is recommended to choose and buy the range hood with metal turbine leaf as much as possible. In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers also change the turbine leaf of the fan into plastic, which is generally not recommended. In addition, we should also see whether the noise produced by the motor of the range hood is large

check whether the range hood is easy to clean

in the process of using the range hood, it is necessary to maintain the habit of regularly cleaning the range hood, so it is also necessary to check whether the range hood is easy to clean, whether the cleaning installation is troublesome, whether it has the function of automatic oil removal and cleaning, etc

see the price reputation of the range hood brand.

see the brand of the range hood. What brand of range hood is good when choosing? How about the price of range hood? These are all things to consider. Then we will see whether the brand has passed the national "CCC" compulsory product safety certification, "CQC" ISO9001 quality management system certification, iso14025 environmental label use license, ZHB environmental protection recommended product certification and product quality supervision and inspection certificate

precautions for the purchase of range hoods

in order to compete for customers, the manufacturer of range hoods will offer lifelong warranty, lifelong replacement of oil nets, etc., but whether it can really do so remains to be seen, but in general, it is recommended to buy products from powerful brand manufacturers, and the quality and service will be relatively mature and guaranteed




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