Ten links of home decoration that are most easy to

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1、 The phenomenon of wall painting steal index ★ ☆

latex paint is the most common wall decoration material at present, and it can be brushed, roller coated or sprayed in specific construction. If workers are not serious or perfunctory during construction, small color differences often appear. This is especially true of latex paints with darker colors

experts remind: before using emulsion paint, you need to add a certain amount of water, and the prepared emulsion paint should be used up at one time. The paint of the same color should also be painted at one time. If the wall needs to be repaired after construction, the whole wall should be painted again

II. Underground pipeline steal index ★★

phenomenon when the construction team is carrying out decoration, sometimes in order to save trouble, it pours a large amount of cement, sand and concrete fragments into the sewer. The direct consequence of this is to seriously block the sewer, causing the kitchen and bathroom to run away due to poor drainage. Although there is no problem in the final acceptance of some projects, there is always the problem of poor drainage

experts remind: strictly supervise the construction team and do not use sewers as garbage lanes. After the waterway construction is completed, fill all water basins, basins and bathtubs with water, and then waterproof at the same time to see whether the drainage is smooth and whether there is leakage in the pipeline

III. wire connector steal index ★★

phenomenon electricians do not connect wires according to construction requirements when installing sockets, switches and lamps. Especially when consumers use some water heaters, air conditioners and other electrical appliances with large power consumption, switches and sockets are heated and even burned, which brings great losses to consumers

experts remind: during construction, supervise electricians to carry out construction in strict accordance with the operating procedures. After all switches and sockets are installed, be sure to carry out actual use to see whether these parts have heating

IV. stealing index of wall and floor tile paving ★★

phenomenon paving wall and floor tiles is a highly technical process. If the workers cut corners, they are most likely to have problems such as hollowing of tiles and uneven joints. In addition, the cement and adhesive used for paving tiles are also exquisite. If the proportion is unreasonable, there will also be problems such as falling off

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