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Rongda century old wardrobe: the steps for marketers to develop new customers

the ancients said: everything is established in advance, and it is abandoned if it is not in advance. Deductively, it means not to fight unprepared battles. The development of new markets is a difficult mental process, which integrates the comprehensive quality of a marketer and embodies a marketer's good spirit and business level. To successfully develop new markets, it is not enough to only have good psychological quality, but also to make full "pre war" preparations

I. self image design. Human image is divided into external image and internal image. External image refers to a person's appearance, clothing, behavior and other external performance. As a marketer, you should look carefully: your hair should be neatly combed, your beard should be shaved, your tie should be straight, your shoes should be polished, and your nails should be often cut. If you are a woman, you can put on some light makeup appropriately. Internal image is the external expression of a person's internal temperament. As a marketer, we should follow the principle of "courtesy first, praise first, joy in the eyebrow, smile in the face". Propriety comes first, which shows a person's cultural connotation and can make you accepted quickly; Like first, reflects a person's speaking level, it will make you deeply "like" by customers; Joy in the eyebrow, smile in the face, will let you like a spring breeze, both sides meet. Elegant conversation and elegant demeanor will make your negotiation like a duck to water, leave a good impression on new customers, and contribute to the success of the transaction

II. Preparation of relevant materials. I have seen such a marketer who developed a new market. When the dealer asked him about the price and policy of the relevant series of products, the marketer actually forgot, and turned up his notebook to check on the spot, which was "surprising". It is hard to imagine that such marketers can successfully develop new markets. Before developing new markets, successful marketers must understand the company's development history, industrial structure, product prices, marketing policies, etc. And bring all the necessary materials, business cards, samples, etc., and remember them by heart, knowing when to carry out which work

III. detailed and specific market research. Sun Tzu's art of war said: know yourself and your enemy, and you will be invincible in a hundred battles. In order to successfully develop new markets, marketers should not only make full preparations, but also conduct thorough investigation and understanding of the new markets they plan to develop. So, what should marketers investigate? 1. Local conditions and customs. 2. Market conditions. 3. Customer status. Through the above market research, the purpose is to be familiar with the market situation, master the first-hand information of customers, and determine the potential target customer group

IV. list and negotiate with customers. After the potential target customer group is determined, we can make a list of target customers according to the conditions that agents must have and their advantages and disadvantages, and make a detailed analysis and comparison. After a new round of screening, we can make an appointment by phone and visit the door. Before visiting, you must make a telephone appointment, because on the one hand, telephone appointment shows respect for the other party, and at the same time, through preliminary telephone communication and understanding, make it have a general outline of the company, products, policies, etc., so as to determine the focus of the negotiation in the next step. In the door-to-door negotiation, you should be good at observing your words and feelings. In addition to presenting your business cards, materials, samples and following the "etiquette first, praise first, joy in the eyebrow, smile in the face" to exaggerate and create the atmosphere, you should also pay attention to the "three don't talk", that is, don't talk when the customer is in a bad mood, don't talk when the customer's subordinate distributors are present, and don't talk when the salesperson of competitive products manufacturers is present. In the process of negotiation, we should pay attention to the art of listening, and follow the principle of two ears and one mouth, that is, 2:1 (the ratio of listening to speaking is 2:1). On the one hand, it shows respect for the other party, on the other hand, it is also conducive to understanding and answering the other party, and finding out whether the other party has operational ideas for market operation

v. follow up and sign the contract. Through negotiation, the target customers who meet the company's requirements should call in time for communication and follow-up. The follow-up should follow the 1:4:7 rule, that is, the "hard to get" method. Don't rush for success, and urge customers to deliver goods regardless of time and place. Otherwise, it will be self defeating, delaying the opportunity, making customers feel that you are eager to find customers, so as to put forward some "unequal treaties" for you, It will cast a shadow over the future cooperation between the two sides. During the follow-up process, the customer may raise some questions, such as what to do if the goods are not marketable; How to deal with quality problems of products; As long as you give a reasonable answer to the above questions, the target customers will be basically determined. Then, by inviting them to visit the company, we can further remove the doubts and obstacles in the hearts of customers. Finally, strike while the iron is hot and sign a distribution agreement. A new customer was born. www.rongda020. com





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