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Matrikonopc: focus on first-class OPC data communication technology

as a global industrial communication expert and the world's most authoritative OPC training institution, matrikonopc has been committed to providing stable data communication services to major mainstream and key controller systems and applications in the market, developing and supplying software services for customers, and providing technical support and training around OPC technology. More importantly, matrikonopc's technical support service has always adhered to the concept of being independent of suppliers, providing corresponding help and technical support to all users who encounter difficulties in using OPC, and is a free service for the world. Such similar services seem unique in the industry. In order to learn more about this enterprise, recently, China industrial control interviewed Ms. Zhang Qian, the project manager of matrikonopc marketing department in China

first class OPC technology supplier and training certification agency

since its establishment in 1988, matrikonopc has been focusing on providing OPC communication technology with strong interoperability, and has successfully implemented more than 100000 OPC communication projects around the world through more than 500 OPC products. As the only enterprise in the world that takes the implementation of OPC remote and on-site engineering services as the core of its business, matrikonopc has the resources and technology required to solve any OPC related problems, and can use its branches in 13 countries around the world to provide support for customers' global operations

in terms of technological innovation, matrikonopc has never been a follower, but has always been at the forefront of OPC technology. Every year, Matrixt (5) 0 impact sample projector is an optical instrument developed by our company according to the actual needs of users and the requirements for impact sample notch in gb/t299 (1) 994 metallic Charpy impact test method. Konopc invests 40% of its profits in research and development. We focus on the technology that can not only solve the current obstacles, but also meet the challenges in the future. Zhang Qian said so. As the first company to introduce OPC redundancy, matrikonopc's technological innovation can be reflected everywhere, including matrikonopc tunneller becoming the first successful and feasible DCOM industrial alternative software, the first company to develop OPC communication mode with transmission guarantee, the first company to implement bottom-up communication, and the first company to successfully develop software applications to realize real-time server to server communication and historical server to server communication. It can be said that matrikonopc's attention and great investment in technological innovation make its technology and scheme always at the forefront of OPC technology

Zhang Qian introduced that matrikonopc not only provides OPC server and software services, but also is the most authoritative OPC training certification body in the world. Over the past decade, we have trained more than 100000 students. Our OPC Si (OPC system integration) certification has become an authoritative certification platform for engineers in the OPC field. Zhang Qian said that we not only provide public training courses for the general public, but also provide targeted training for enterprise employees

in addition, non tendentious technical support is a major feature of matrikonopc. According to Zhang Qian, matrikonopc is not limited to technical support for the company's products, but for all OPC end users, regardless of which OPC supplier the user uses. Matrikonopc's technical support team provides round the clock services 7 days a week. Users can help overcome technical difficulties through email, chat, and even apply for on-site work. This move of matrikonopc not only reflects its deep technical foundation, but also reflects its unquestionable leadership in the industry

improve interoperability to a new level

the core of OPC communication standard is interoperability and standardization. The traditional OPC technology solves the problem of interoperability between hardware devices at the control level, and the communication at the enterprise level also needs to be standardized. Zhang Qian introduced that the previous OPC access specifications were based on Microsoft's com/dcom technology, which would bring irreparable weaknesses to the communication of new layers. In addition, problems such as inflexibility of traditional OPC technology and platform limitations have gradually emerged. As one of the founding members of the OPC foundation, matrikonopc and the OPC Foundation jointly drafted and released the latest unified data communication specification OPC unified architecture (OPC UA) in 2009. OPC UA covers different aspects of OPC real-time data access specification, OPC historical data access specification, OPC alarm event access specification and OPC security protocol, but the function is extended on the basis of it. It can be said that OPC UA is another breakthrough after the great success of traditional OPC technology. It makes data collection, information modeling and the communication between the factory bottom and the enterprise more secure and reliable, and improves the interoperability to a new level

due to the characteristics of reliability, redundancy, access uniformity and better communication performance, the development of OPC UA software is no longer dependent on and limited to any specific operating platform. In the past, OPC technology limited to Windows platform has been extended to Linux, UNIX, MAC and other platforms. It is worth mentioning that the OPC UA access specification clearly puts forward that the standard security module unit is mm. Each OPC UA application must implement the OPC UA security protocol, which improves the interoperability and reduces the maintenance and additional configuration costs. In addition, OPC UA is fully compatible with existing OPC products, ensuring customers' investment and interests

in addition to jointly drafting and vigorously promoting OPC UA specifications, matrikonopc firmly believes that real interoperability is achieved through in-depth cooperation with other OPC suppliers. Zhang Qian said: matrikonopc is committed to mutual authentication with different OPC suppliers for the interoperability of common applications, and actively and responsibly promotes the implementation of interoperability

vigorously cultivate and layout the Chinese market

matrikonopc has made great strides into the Chinese market since the beginning of 2009. Although it is not a long time, it has already had a large number of users and supporters. Zhang Qian said that in the initial stage, matrikonopc's goal was to establish a close relationship with the broad user base. We also sorted out one department and provided them with the best technical services and high-quality and authoritative OPC training. In Zhang Qian's opinion, the first important point is to popularize the importance and application value of OPC Technology in China, so that users can understand the advantages of OPC technology. Therefore, providing users with training services and technical exchanges that are non biased and irrelevant to suppliers will become a key point of matrikonopc in the previous stage in China. Zhang Qian said: at present, we are vigorously promoting OPC training programs and OPC Si certification in China. This certification has been widely recognized in the industry in North America and Europe. Many customers will take this certification as the standard when choosing OPC service and product suppliers. We hope that through the training program, we can share our solid knowledge and rich experience accumulated over the years in this field with more people in the industry, so that OPC Si certification can become a major standard in the domestic OPC field. In addition, every year, together with OPC foundation, we hold OPC promotion days in different cities in China. Zhang Qian said

of course, while cultivating the market, matrikonopc is also making efforts to gradually expand the market, and has successively implemented many projects for PetroChina and Sinopec. In addition, the Chinese government's strong investment in the field of new energy will also play a positive role in promoting the demand for OPC products, which is also a good opportunity for matrikonopc's development. I am full of confidence in the development prospect of matrikonopc in China. We will cooperate with more domestic enterprises to provide customers with first-class OPC services and products and bring greater benefits to customers. Zhang Qian finally said about the development prospect of the company in China

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