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Yamal LNG ships use intershield 163 and inerta160 coatings

Yamal LNG ships use intershield 163 and inerta160 coatings

November 27, 2020

as an international leading paint brand with a history of more than 200 years, AkzoNobel has been committed to building a Livable World with the best quality coatings since its establishment in 1792. Its coatings and coating products constantly refresh the international standards in the field of coloring and protection. The company's famous brands such as Dulux, international, sikkens, interpon, etc., are widely trusted all over the world

AkzoNobel has a leading well-known brand, which promotes the innovation of all walks of life in China, such as mining, offshore and onshore oil and gas, thermal power generation, maritime and yachting, transportation and pipeline, water and waste treatment, so as to meet the energy-saving needs of users and wind power generation coatings to the greatest extent

Located in the Arctic, Yamal LNG project is one of the largest and most complex projects in the world

yamal liquefied natural gas is used as a fine chemical raw material for the downstream ethylene industry chain to increase production. Ships use intershield ® 163 and iner Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. produce experimental machines. Over the years, the research on experimental machines is very deep. Ta160 coating has been delivered to 9 ships at present


inerta 160 is a low VOC high solid two-component epoxy wear-resistant coating specially designed for ice breakers, which has the characteristics of low ice adhesion and low friction resistance. These unique properties provide excellent corrosion protection for the underwater parts of the icebreaker, such as the icebreaker

Intershield ® 163

intershield 163 inerta 160 was selected for its low VOC characteristics and excellent wear resistance, making it an ideal choice for icebreakers. It can prevent corrosion at temperatures as low as -50 ° C and maximize ice breaking efficiency

AkzoNobel's support team always has unparalleled technical knowledge and firm service will, and is committed to exploring innovative technical solutions to promote the development of AkzoNobel's customers and the whole world

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