For the Green Olympics, please use less plastic sh

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For the Green Olympics, please use less plastic shopping bags

plastic bags were invented by Austrian scientist Max schuschner in 1902. Because they were light, strong and convenient to use, they were undoubtedly a scientific and technological revolution at that time. But now it is widely regarded as the worst invention of mankind in the 20th century. At present, many countries around the world are reducing the use of plastic bags through various methods. Among them, controlling the use of plastic bags through economic levers has proved to be an effective way to control white pollution

white pollution is a unique environmental pollution in China's cities. A large number of discarded plastic products can be seen everywhere in various public places. They come from nature and are made by human beings. When they are finally attributed to nature, they are not easily absorbed by nature, thus affecting the ecological environment of nature. From the perspective of resource conservation, plastic products should be recycled as much as possible because the main source of plastic products is the exhausted oil resources. However, at this stage, the production cost of recycling is much higher than the direct production cost, which is difficult to achieve under the current market economy conditions

plastic bags used by citizens daily are not only the main source of garbage, but also bring great harm to citizens in daily life if they are not used correctly. Environmental sanitation experts pointed out that although plastic bags bring a lot of convenience to citizens, on the other hand, they pollute the environment; Some plastic bags cannot be used for food, which will do great harm to human health. Medical experts pointed out that food, especially cooked food, is often easy to deteriorate after being packaged in plastic bags. After eating this kind of deteriorated food, people are prone to vomiting, diarrhea and other food poisoning symptoms. In addition, plastic itself will release safety, environmental protection and lightweight. It releases harmful gases. Due to long-term accumulation in sealed bags, the concentration increases with the increase of sealing time, resulting in varying degrees of pollution of the food in the bags, which has a particularly prominent impact on the health and development of children

the plastic bags with particularly dark colors often used on stalls have great harm. It is reprocessed from recycled waste plastic products, which is very harmful to human body and cannot be used to install direct imported food; In addition, Li Xinhai should not be made of PVC plastic. He should be familiar with the production principle, utilization and future product technology development trend of other new energy materials. He should store alcoholic food and oily food, otherwise the lead in the bag will dissolve into the food; At the same time, this kind of plastic bag can't put food with temperature above 50 ℃

at present, there are three kinds of plastic bags: one is that it can neither touch the skin nor put food, and can only be used to contain building materials; One is for clothes; Another kind can be barely used to hold food. Some plastic products are added with stabilizers, and these stabilizers are mainly lead stearate, which will cause cumulative lead poisoning

at present, the vast majority of plastic bags sold and used in the market are produced by small enterprises or family workshops around the country, and a considerable number are recycled plastic products. They are recycled and processed from waste plastics collected at garbage stations, industrial wastes and plastic garbage discarded by medical institutions. Without disinfection, they are privately processed into food bags and put into the market

these recycled plastics contain bacteria and carcinogens that seriously exceed the standard. Packaging cooked food directly imported with this plastic product will have extremely serious consequences for the health of consumers. Such plastic bags contain a large number of bacteria that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Long term use of such disposable plastic food bags can easily lead to chronic food poisoning

the general office of the State Council issued a notice on restricting the production and sale of plastic shopping bags on the 8th. In view of the serious white pollution caused by the massive use of plastic bags, a paid use system of plastic shopping bags has been implemented in all supermarkets, shopping malls, market fairs and other commodity retail places since June 1 this year, and plastic shopping bags are not allowed to be provided free of charge in the above places

the relevant national departments try to guide people to reuse shopping bags as much as possible through price leverage, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing white pollution. It should be said that this idea is right. The problem is that there are obvious loopholes in this paid use order of plastic shopping bags. If it is not blocked, the effectiveness of the paid use system of plastic shopping bags will be greatly reduced

first of all, the notice has not made too detailed provisions on the pricing of plastic shopping bags. If each shopping place makes its own pricing, then in order to please customers, shopping places are very likely to sell shopping bags to consumers at a low price, or simply charge a symbolic penny or two. In this way, the price lever will completely lose its function, and people will still use plastic bags as recklessly as before, Because who accounts for a few cents. Secondly, in terms of regulatory measures, the notice has neither formulated severe punishment measures to deter shopping places from violating regulations; There is no reward measure to encourage the public to supervise shopping places. In the face of limited law enforcement, how can shopping places abide by the rules and implement the relevant regulations to the letter

I think that today, when the whole country is committed to the Green Olympics and the construction of a two oriented Society (a resource-saving and environment-friendly society), the State Council is undoubtedly far sighted in comprehensively implementing the system of using elastic materials such as rubber lining in plastic bag paid clamps, which is in line with the basic essence of a two oriented society

according to the optimistic prediction of relevant experts, after the implementation of plastic bag charging in China, the use of plastic bags in the country is expected to be reduced by 2/3, and the recovery rate of disposable plastic bags will also rise significantly. This is undoubtedly a practical external image publicity for the Chinese government hosting the Green Olympics; For China, nearly 2/3 of the use of plastic bags has been saved, which not only saves a lot of production and consumption costs, but also reduces the pressure of environmental protection, undoubtedly realizing the perfect unity of the basic essence of the two oriented society

of course, at the beginning of the implementation of the paid charging system for plastic bags, some people will certainly not adapt, and the government needs to strengthen publicity and guidance to encourage people to try to shop with paper bags or cloth bags. However, we believe that the people will have this self-consciousness. It should be said that everyone is duty bound to do what he can for environmental protection. It is very necessary to restrict the use of plastic shopping bags in production and sales, which is conducive to environmental protection, but supporting measures must be introduced to avoid negative and negative problems:

on the one hand, businesses should be prevented from raising the price of plastic bags on the pretext that the state requires paid use of plastic shopping bags, and on the other hand, the price of plastic shopping bags should be hidden in the total price of goods

after canceling the free use of plastic shopping bags, it is likely to bring temporary inconvenience to the people. Businesses should provide shoppers with shopping tools as soon as possible, such as cloth bags and shopping baskets. However, these alternative products must be reasonably priced to ensure quality

in addition, the use of plastic shopping bags should not be limited to blocking, and the recycling and reuse measures must keep up. The environmental sanitation department should speed up the implementation of classified collection and treatment of domestic waste. The competent department for the recycling of used materials of the grinding layer of waste samples and friction paper should strengthen the recycling of waste plastics, guide and support material recycling enterprises to establish and improve recycling points, make full use of price leverage and provide high-quality services to promote the recycling of waste plastics, and vigorously promote large-scale sorting and graded utilization, so as to reduce pollution and waste

the reason why the State prohibits free plastic bags is to control pollution and achieve sustainable development. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this, but the collective withdrawal of free plastic bags has had a huge impact on the lives of ordinary people. Yes, you can take a cloth bag to the supermarket to buy things, but this is only limited to the case that you are ready to go shopping, otherwise, no one will carry a shopping bag with you all day. Many shopping behaviors are very random. When you pass by a convenience store, you suddenly remember that you have several things to buy, but you don't bring your shopping bag with you. What should you do? Of course, we can only accept plastic bags from supermarkets. It's OK to pay for plastic bags once in a while. The problem is that random shopping is frequent. You have to pay for plastic bags in three days or two. It's estimated that you are definitely not happy. But what can we do? The notice has made it clear that supermarkets cannot provide free plastic bags, nor can they provide them to consumers by adding the cost of plastic bags to the price of goods. They must be sold separately. If you want to forget your shopping bag, you can only bite the bullet and pay for plastic bags

to be honest, I fully agree with the state's control over the use of plastic bags, but it has actually become a habit for supermarkets to provide free shopping bags. In other words, free shopping bags have become a natural consensus. I think policy makers should also respect this shopping habit that people have formed for a long time and reflect it in the regulations. In this regard, McDonald's practice is worth learning from. If you go to McDonald's to buy food, they will give you an environmentally friendly paper bag as long as it is taken out. In fact, it is already a practice for merchants to provide free paper bags in many countries. Paper bags are low-cost and degradable, which not only avoids the inconvenience of consumers carrying shopping bags, but also does not pollute the environment. It can be described as killing two birds with one stone. If you feel that the paper bags provided by the merchants are not reliable, you can also choose to bring your own cloth bags or buy better shopping bags

if we can strictly control the use of plastic shopping bags and stipulate that merchants should provide free paper shopping bags, it will be good news for consumers and environmental protection

charging for plastic bags will certainly reduce white pollution, but to truly ban it completely, we also need law enforcement departments to strictly enforce the law on some small free markets and small market markets. Support the implementation of paid use of plastic bags, and even adopt a punitive charging system to prevent consumers from using too many non degradable plastic bags. If only a few cents or cents are charged, it is not enough to serve as a warning. The difference between punitive charges and the cost of plastic bags should be used exclusively for environmental protection

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