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New products have emerged in the food packaging machinery market in various countries

nowadays, food science and technology are developing rapidly, and packaging machinery is changing with each passing day. Food packaging machinery manufacturers all over the world are increasing investment in science and technology to develop new products. It is reported that a number of packaging machines with different functions and varieties are going to the market to meet the new packaging needs of the industry

this batch of newly developed packaging machinery represents the latest level of food packaging machinery in the world. Among them, the W27 automatic packaging machine of the British company, the gk500 series automatic vacuum packaging machine and full-automatic material packaging machine of the Austrian company, the food conveyor of Japan, and the film packaging machine of the Netherlands are the latest products, which have obvious technical advantages and the manufacturing cost has been controlled accordingly

according to the introduction, W27 automatic packaging machine is suitable for the packaging of different items. As the items are packed, the handle of the oil return valve should be opened at this time, and the items should be inserted horizontally. The machine can be integrated with the semi-automatic or full-automatic production process and keep synchronized. Articles can be loaded into the feeding mechanism manually or automatically, and then enter the open central folding bag film through the transfer device. The size, form and shape of the feeding device are designed to be suitable for the packed articles, and the feeding device is pneumatic

gk500 series automatic vacuum packaging machine body is all made of high-quality stainless steel, with compact internal organization, which is more delicate than other products and equipment. The machine is equipped with a built-in expansion buffer. Compared with conventional equipment, the vacuum pumping time is reduced by 30%, which speeds up the production cycle and improves the output. The reliable repeated two-way active sealing system seals the sealing area of the bag with wrinkle and moisture coating, which reduces the leakage problems often encountered and reduces waste at the same time. The machine can handle all kinds of material bags, aluminum bags or shrink bags. The special design enables users to pack meat, cheese, fish and processed food with high-speed vacuum

the full-automatic viscous material packaging machine adopts microcomputer control and pneumatic transmission. Its metering and filling volume plunger quantitative pump is combined with rotary valve, and photoelectric detection device is used in the packaging to ensure the integrity and beauty of the pattern. The machine can automatically realize bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, date printing, packaging film ultraviolet lamp disinfection and other processes. It is especially suitable for packing jam, grease, viscous condiments, etc

the belt conveyor suitable for food handling and transportation recently developed by a Japanese machinery company is also very distinctive. The machine adopts sus frame and waterproof motor IP65, which can be used for washing. There are no redundant holes on the edge of the combined steel formwork jg/t3060 ⑴ 999 of the frame that is easy to retain dust. At the same time, the running part of the belt is a smooth structure with low impedance, so dust and garbage will not be retained. On the surface of the belt is an antibacterial belt based on polyurethane coated with antibacterial agent, which is a low-standard accessory with excellent hygiene

the film packaging machine of Dutch company is specially designed for variable boxed goods that need to be packaged on the spot, and can be used for protective film packaging of boxed goods. When the machine is working, move the packaging machine to the side of the box, and then attach the full-automatic control device of Sida high tech to the box, and lay the film according to the predetermined data (including height, film width, etc.). This packaging machine can pack about 30 large containers with a box height of 2 meters per hour. The direction indicator wheel can ensure that the machine is packed according to the shape of the box, and the operation is very simple and clear

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