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The Consumer Association warned: "food packaging" date ≠ production date

a few days ago, a Suzhou citizen reported to this newspaper that he went to a supermarket to buy peach cake. When he bought it, he saw that the package of peach cake was printed with the words that a labor-intensive and resource consuming enterprise in a certain year had gradually moved overseas, and the packaging was delivered on a certain day in a certain month. He felt more relieved, so he bought two boxes

unexpectedly, when I took the peach cake home and tasted it, I found that the peach cake had expired and changed its flavor. Looking back to the supermarket to discuss, he replied: peach cake is not fresh, but it is repackaged and sold, but it is discounted. The price gives customers the greatest discount, which belongs to the supermarket preferential reward. After hearing the plausible excuses of the supermarket, he was speechless, so he had to admit bad luck and blame himself for carelessness, mistaking the packaging date for the production date

although he suffered heavy losses, the citizen believed that as manufacturers and merchants, they must be honest in doing business. Deceive customers, confuse customers' vision with the packaging date, and wantonly sell expired goods. Although it can deceive some customers for a while, it will never last long, "tansongbin said. It should be noted that the production date and the packaging date are two completely different concepts. Marking only the packaging date but not the production date on commodities, especially food, and putting expired commodities into the market are illegal acts that harm the interests of consumers. They will not only be despised by consumers, but also be investigated and punished by the law. We are willing not to use the packaging date to cheat customers

then visited the food production date and found that although most bulk foods in most supermarkets were marked with the production date, some bulk foods were not marked with the production date. Citizens' consumption is becoming more and more rational. When they buy food, the first thing they look at is not the brand, but its production date, especially milk, cake, cooked food and children's food. Some food bought home found that only the shelf life, no production date, people feel uneasy. There are also complaints from consumers. Sometimes when buying bread, they find that the production date printed on the package is actually tomorrow's date

there is another situation in the food sold in supermarkets, that is, to replace the production date with the packaging date. It is said that the practice of repacking bread, cakes and some bulk food is very common. According to an insider, some supermarkets will change their labels and repackage expired food. As only the packaging date is marked on the package of these foods, some bad businesses have taken advantage of it

the Department of the consumer association was interviewed about whether the production date should be marked on the food packaging in the supermarket. They said that the production date must be marked on the food packaging, and the production date and the packaging date cannot be the same. Some businesses are secretly changing the concept by replacing the production date with the packaging date. If it is found that there are businesses tampering with the packaging of food and changing the appearance of expired food into the market, they will find out and ask consumers to actively report

according to Article 27 of the product quality law to 2020, the production date, safe use period or expiration date of products that are used within a specified period of time shall be clearly marked in a prominent position. Article 21 of Chapter VI of the China Food Hygiene Law stipulates that the initial distance between the fixtures corresponding to the marking distance in the standard for stereotyped packaged food and food additives must be 80 ~ 115mm, and the production date must be marked on the package mark or product certificate

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