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Yahoo, Google and Microsoft compete to launch wi

according to foreign media reports, although the Internet is considered to be the breeding ground for innovation, recently in this field, various IT companies have competed to emulate their rivals and follow each other. First, last month, Internet giants Microsoft and Google announced on the same day that they would include microblogging in their search engine search results (tweet countries have been vigorously promoting the development and transformation of the plastic recycling granulator industry in recent years). Recently, world IT giants have announced the launch of free Wi Fi services

on the 10th, Yahoo announced that it would provide free WiFi wireless networking services for one year in Times Square, New York. Times Square is located in the center of New York, with an estimated 500000 visitors a day. Visitors will access the Internet through a new portal, which will provide the latest information of merchants in the area with counting devices, weather forecasts and information from all over the world

on the same day, Google announced that it would provide free wireless services based on Wi Fi technology at 47 airports in the United States from now until January 15 next year. The airports included in this plan are located in Seattle, Las Vegas, Houston, Boston, Miami and other American cities. Google said that the validity period of the above airport free wireless will cover several major holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and new year, which will be one of the largest periods of airport passenger flow in the United States throughout the year

it is reported that Google has reached an agreement with virgin airlines in the United States in October to provide free wireless services on all domestic flights of the airline during the major holidays of this year

meanwhile, mediapost reported that Microsoft would cooperate with mobile advertiser jiwire to provide free Wi Fi services. In fact, the two companies have been providing free internet access services in airports and hotels in North America, but the premise is that users must agree to use Microsoft search engine Bing for a search. According to reports, jiwire executives said that the response of this service has never been better. This may also be the reason why Google and Yahoo are so interested in this. This value should not exceed 15% for the experimental machine of automatic self-aligning chuck (n it is also widely used)

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