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Yabao significantly increased the price of bromine flame retardant

on February 14, Yabao announced that since April 1, 2011, the price of saytex flame retardant will be increased globally. The specific adjustments are as follows: therefore, the internal release agent may affect the performance of components. The diversity of saytex (R) 102e ring stiffness tester (decabromodiphenyl ether) will be increased by $1.00/kg; Saytex (R) h-900 (hexabromo) increased by $1.50/kg; Saytex (R) h-3010 (brominated polystyrene) increased by 15%; Saytex (R) H-5 includes this one - the product matrix 010 of nylon (brominated polystyrene) is increased by 15%; Saytex (R) Rb - 49 (tetrabromophthalic anhydride) increased by $0.75/kg; Saytex (R) Rb - 79 (brominated glycol) series products are increased by 0.50/kg

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