The hottest Yachang won another 6 Banny gold award

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Yachang won another 6 "Benny gold awards" and led the world for four consecutive years. The list of winners of the 64th U.S. printing awards that attracted worldwide attention was announced recently. Yachang won another 6 "Benny gold awards" and became the world's largest winner of gold awards for four consecutive years, even with fine lines. In addition, Yachang also received 34 awards, including 10 Excellence Awards and 18 Excellence Awards, creating the largest number of awards ever won by Yachang

the six books that won the Benny gold award this time are from the photography special project "the infinite of heaven and earth" and "40 years of world heritage being widely used in the field of transportation", from the art and Culture Museum "food Materia Medica", from the overseas special project "theimpossiblecollectionofcars" (translated as "famous car series"), and "standhere" (translated as "here") "Modernistc uisineathome in the processing process" (translated as "modern food Family Edition"). This time, the books that won the Benny gold award are either beautifully designed or beautifully bound, which reflects the beauty of printing art in China and the need to gain more experience in book art. They are books and works of art with great artistic appreciation and collection value

since 2002, Yachang has won 141 American Printing awards in just 11 years, including 33 Banny gold awards, making Yachang a world leader in the field of art printing. In the wave of electronization, Yachang endows paper books with artistic temperament and collection value with craftsman spirit, and interprets the handed down value of paper books with the scholarly fragrance of art

in the past ten years, Yachang has become the first in the world for four consecutive times. With its exquisite skills and the spirit of excellence, Yachang offered a heavy gift for the 20th anniversary of Yachang, once again won the honor and dignity of an ancient printing country for the Chinese nation, and also wrote a beautiful beginning for the next glorious 20-year history of Yachang

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