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School canteen food supply: food safety has a foundation in mind

Wangjiang County, Anhui Province is a pilot county of the national nutrition improvement plan for rural compulsory education students (hereinafter referred to as the student nutrition improvement plan or nutrition meal). Since the plan was fully launched on February 8th, 2012, through continuous exploration and summary in practice, Wangjiang county has embarked on a path of nutrition suitable for the situation of the county, and then discuss relevant solutions. Recently, the author visited Changling Central School in Wangjiang county with Peng yunyun, vice chairman of the CPPCC, to learn about the implementation of the student nutrition improvement plan

information: Recipes on the wall

Changling control accuracy 0.5%. The central school is a rural primary school in Changling Town, Wangjiang County, with nearly 900 teachers and students. The school has two primary schools, one elementary school and three teaching sites, with nearly 700 teachers and students. Walking into the canteen of Changling central school, the first thing you see is the weekly menu posted at the entrance of the canteen: on Monday, pork sauce and tomato lean meat soup; On Tuesday, pork is cooked with potatoes, lean meat and mushroom soup; On Wednesday, the recipes of pork braised tofu and tomato egg soup in Changling central school should be updated once a week. The recipes are not duplicate within a week, and the recipes of each week should also be changed as much as possible. In order to facilitate supervision, all primary schools in our town implement a unified menu. It is usually made on Friday, and then distributed to each village. School principal pengjiechun told us

at about 11:00 a.m., the canteen was already smelling of food. The cooks were distributing the food to the students. They ate meat and tofu at noon that day. In order to ensure safety, the school purchased stainless steel tableware. Every day before school at noon, the workers and teachers will put the meals in stainless steel lunch boxes one by one. The first and second grade students will be brought back by the teacher to the class for distribution, and the senior students will queue up in the canteen to receive them

exploration: from enterprise feeding to canteen feeding

when Wangjiang county first implemented the student nutrition improvement plan, 6 horizontal high-precision load sensors (1000KN on the horizontal loading device) 1 Putian, Fujian Province, was not dominated by this kind of canteen feeding, but decided by each school according to the actual situation whether it was canteen feeding or enterprise feeding. At that time, only 39 schools in the county adopted the canteen feeding mode, and 104 schools adopted the enterprise feeding mode

because enterprise feeding reduced the pressure on schools and made it convenient for teachers to operate, only 6 schools in the county retained canteen feeding for a period of time, and the rest 137 schools used enterprise feeding. The meals include packaged nutritional packages such as milk, eggs and bread. However, the disadvantage of enterprise meals is that they are the same every day. After eating for a period of time, students begin to dislike them. At that time, the school was full of milk and eggs secretly thrown away by students. President Peng still felt very sorry about the situation at that time

enterprises provide meals. Although there are fewer things in school, it is a problem that students don't like to eat. Moreover, we have no idea whether food is safe or not. Principal Peng said frankly that in winter, it is cold to send milk to school; In summer, eggs begin to deteriorate when they arrive at school. The problems in the process of enterprise feeding have attracted the high attention of the relevant departments of Wangjiang county. Based on the follow-up investigation of the six schools that provide meals in the canteen, the county education department made a unified adjustment to the feeding mode at the beginning of this year. A total of 123 schools in 138 schools in the county have implemented canteen feeding, and only 15 schools have implemented canteen feeding. Due to the restrictions of canteen conditions, they do not have the conditions to provide meals, Meals are temporarily provided by the enterprise

Changling central school also officially entered the era of canteen feeding at the beginning of this year, using the 3 + 2 model to provide meals to students. The so-called "3 + 2" means that the school provides students with lunch according to the standard of 5 yuan, the state subsidizes 3 yuan, and the students pay 2 yuan by themselves. The canteen can provide delicious meals, which has been unanimously welcomed by parents and students. As the purchase of raw materials and food processing are all carried out under the nose, President Peng is reassured. According to Wang Caihong, director of the Wangjiang food and drug administration, who has participated in the inspection of nutritional meals for many times, since the implementation of nutritional meals, they have organized personnel to carry out surprise inspections at various schools in the county at various times and places. According to the current inspection, schools attach great importance to the hygiene of canteens and the safety of students' meals, and the hygiene of school canteens is basically in good condition. Wang Caihong said

the canteen feeding mode urgently needs policy and financial support

however, the canteen feeding also has something that worries president Peng Jiechun. President Peng told the author that before the implementation of the student nutrition improvement plan, only three workers were needed to meet the needs of the canteen of Changling central school. After the implementation of the student nutrition improvement plan, due to the increase in the number of diners and the stricter requirements on health and safety, at least 6 to 7 workers need to be added. Wages alone need to be increased by nearly 100000 yuan, which can't be supported only by the meager public funds of the school

according to the preliminary calculation, after the implementation of his one word one line student nutrition improvement plan in the whole county, more than 800 workers need to be added, and the salary alone will be increased by nearly ten million yuan. When it comes to this problem, Ren Shujie, deputy director of the Wangjiang County Education Bureau in charge of the student nutrition improvement program, also looks sad

although the canteen planning of the central school in Changling town is so large, the superior project funds are allocated year by year during the construction process. In order to ensure that the student nutrition improvement plan can be implemented on time, President Peng had to adopt the method of sectional construction to build the main part of the canteen, that is, the kitchen first

the problem of the central school in Changling town is also a common problem of all schools in our county. The state has allocated more than 30 million yuan for the construction of school canteens in Wangjiang County, which is more than 200000 yuan for each school, and it is allocated in batches over three years, which restricts the integrity of the construction of school canteens. We hope the superiors will pay more attention to the construction of school canteens while paying attention to students' nutrition. Principal Peng said

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