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Yachang Wanjie won the "outstanding achievement award of China copyright industry"

the sixth annual meeting of China Copyright Association system display calibration conference, hosted by China Copyright Association and co organized by China Unicom, was held in Beijing on November 30, 2013. This annual meeting of the China Copyright Association includes the annual meeting forum with the theme of copyright operation and protection in the era of mobile Internet and the 2013 member conference and annual selection and award ceremony of the China Copyright Association

this annual meeting of the China Copyright Association selected three awards, including lifelong Achievers of China's copyright industry, outstanding achievers of China's copyright industry, and the most influential enterprise of China's copyright industry, and held an award ceremony, aiming to set an example in China's copyright field and promote the development of copyright industry and copyright related industries. Wan Jie, chairman of Yachang culture group, was awarded the outstanding achievement award of China Copyright Industry by the China Copyright Association at this annual meeting, in recognition of the outstanding contributions made by Wan Jie, chairman of Yachang culture group, to China's copyright industry and the efforts made by Yachang culture multinational companies to inherit, protect, promote and develop Chinese culture through the export of overseas technology and capital

since 2008, the annual meeting of the China Copyright Association has been successfully held for five times. It is the annual event with the highest specification and the largest scale in China's copyright industry. What should we do if the electronic universal testing machine breaks down? The previous annual meetings closely combine the hot topics of the development of the copyright industry, pay attention to the frontiers of the international and domestic copyright field, pay attention to and pay attention to solving the hot and difficult problems of copyright, serve the obligees, serve the development of China's copyright industry It has an important influence in the industry and society to serve the take-off of China's copyright industry. That is, the cost quality of carbon dioxide based biodegradable plastics (PPC)

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