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Yamaha exhibited CS for small conference rooms for the first time. With the continuous use of telecommunication technology by enterprises and organizations to shorten distances and share ideas, small conference rooms are becoming increasingly popular. These new workplaces need more convenient technologies to enhance the seamless collaboration experience, so that users can easily get together, exchange information, share ideas and work together at any time. Yamaha released an integrated collaborative solution cs-700 designed for small conference room environments. Cs-700 combines first-class audio and high-quality video with a simple wall mounted system to meet the needs of small meeting rooms and collaboration

yosh Honeywell, director of Yamaha's commercial audio department, announced on September 17 that itsugawa said: Yamaha cs-700 is the first of many solutions that combine the market expertise of revolutions with Yamaha's product expertise to provide excellent audio, video and collaboration capabilities. Cs-700 is the first product in this action plan. 3. Polysulfone is used in microwave oven equipment, coffee heater, humidifier, hair dryer, cloth dryer, beverage and food dispenser and other products in household appliances, which demonstrates Yamaha's commitment to enterprise collaborative market and improving various conference experiences

as a leader in audio technology, Yamaha entered the conference technology market in 2006, introducing leading microphone and speaker systems, including yvc-1000usb and Bluetooth conferencing. In 2014, the company acquired revolutionsinc., an excellent provider of audio solutions for the unified communications and enterprise collaboration markets. The two companies work together to provide solutions that ensure that participants in remote meetings can hear clearly in various meeting environments

Yamaha cs-700 is an innovative solution that integrates audio, video and collaboration capabilities into a wall mounted system. Cs-700 combines the expertise of revolutions in microphone technology, Yamaha's leading position in speaker technology and new high-quality video and screen sharing capabilities, and provides a cost-effective and easy to install high fidelity system for successful team cooperation through a USB interface

in order to obtain clear and pleasant audio, such as bumper, reflector cover and tailgate ear, cs-700 adopts beam forming microphone array to ensure that every word spoken is perfectly captured and sent to the far end. In addition, the four speaker unit provides maximum audio coverage for all participants in the conference room. Through the integrated USB interface, cs-700 can connect various unified communication platforms selected by enterprises, including Microsoft (R) Skype forbusiness, Cisco (R) spark, gotoconference (TM), Google chromebox for meetings (TM), vidyo (R), WebEx (R), zoom (R), bluejeans (R), and so on. The device's dedicated wide-angle video camera can capture all participants in the conference room, including those closest to the camera. Optical solutions ensure the high pixel per face resolution required by participants to recognize subtle facial expressions of others

users can join the conference seamlessly and intuitively by connecting a laptop or tablet through the same USB interface In line with ergonomics: this series of experimental machines are discussed in terms of the height and width of the experimental space. This plug and play method allows users to quickly join the conference without having to start video, audio and collaboration components respectively, so there are no complex setup steps that may waste valuable meeting time or require the help of IT personnel at any time. In addition, the integrated network management system of cs-700 allows it personnel to remotely manage devices from the same location, improving service responsiveness and efficiency

Yamaha cs-700 will be exhibited at the revolution booth of enterprise connect Orlando on March, 2017

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