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Yamadun linjinxi: adhere to innovation and don't drift with the tide

the origin of Lin Jinxi and "5"

yamadun was established. Five years later, the enterprise was listed on the small and medium-sized board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange

five years after the introduction of photovoltaic coated glass, a leading product, the enterprise has become a national leader

the second product, ultra-thin double glass module, was developed in 2011, and a new era of light-weight photovoltaic will begin five years later

the third product, ultra-thin large-size display cover glass, was developed in 2013. Today, five years later, the future has come, and it is worth looking forward to

leading products: from market launch to market

"I entered the photovoltaic industry relatively late. If I do the same thing as the industry pioneers, the competition will be more fierce. Most of them choose to make silicon materials, so I will make non silicon and inspect the oil delivery valve materials."

what Lin Jinxi wants to do is photovoltaic glass. This kind of glass is used on the battery modules in the middle reaches of the photovoltaic industry chain. It is the front of the battery module and constitutes the outermost layer of the module

he learned that the technology of domestic glass enterprises is not up to standard, and the light reflectivity is too high, which affects the sunlight absorption rate of silicon wafer under the glass, thus reducing the efficiency of converting light energy into electric energy

therefore, he founded yamadon in 2006 and devoted himself to the research of photovoltaic coated glass. But at that time, almost no one was optimistic, and there was a lot of opposition

in order to ensure the light transmittance of photovoltaic glass, Lin Jinxi established the industrialization project team of "high light transmittance photovoltaic glass"

"the main R & D is me and my brother. I majored in industrial automation, and my brother majored in polymer materials, which is a perfect match."

Lin Jinxi successfully broke through the technical barriers, and the light transmittance of yamadon's photovoltaic coated glass was greatly improved

at the end of 2006,

yamadon built a plant in Tinian, and set up five photovoltaic coated glass production lines


facing the unexpected international financial crisis, the photovoltaic industry has been greatly impacted. However, Lin Jinxi is well aware of the broad prospects of the photovoltaic industry. Therefore, instead of retreating, it increased investment and built 10 high-efficiency photovoltaic coated glass production lines in Tianning economic development zone


the photovoltaic industry took the lead in warming up, and domestic and foreign orders flew in like snowflakes. It is precisely because of Lin Jinxi's advance layout that the enterprise quickly seized the market opportunity

in 2010,

the annual production capacity of the enterprise exceeded 18million square meters, and sales reached nearly 600million yuan. Under the leadership of Lin Jinxi, amarton has become the only large-scale enterprise in China that has mastered the core production technology of photovoltaic glass, and its product sales are firmly at the top of the domestic and European and American markets

in October, 2011,

yamadon successfully landed in the small and medium-sized board capital market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, which is one of the few cases in which the company can be successfully listed on the Chinese stock market within five years of its establishment

after the success of leading products, Japanese peers withdrew and German peers went bankrupt. Once, when Lin Jinxi went to Japan, his colleague told him, "we, a fortune 500 company, have never been too low. Since we can't compete with yamadon now, can we cooperate more on other products?"

the second product: from sailing to piloting

"there is a sense of crisis every day, and new technologies will be born at any time. I will always be in the front."

in 2011, Lin Jinxi began to develop the second product, ultra-thin double glass components

double glass module, as the name suggests, refers to a photovoltaic cell module composed of two pieces of glass and solar cells, which is formed by connecting wires in series and in parallel to the lead end. It is generally in a sandwich structure

the last piece of polymer material is replaced by glass, which also focuses on many advantages of glass

"I didn't think of the double glass component, but I invented the ultra-thin component. To realize the sandwich design of 'double glass', we must make the two pieces of glass thinner and lighter. The original glass was 3.2mm thick, but now I want to make it 2mm."

so what is the bottleneck that restricts this technology

2mm glass requires extremely high physical strengthening, which is a world problem. After consulting in the industry, some experts said: textbooks say that the physical strengthening of thin glass should not be less than 3mm

Lin Jinxi didn't give up, and the world went to look for it. Hard work pays off, and finally found an Austrian enterprise

"they developed the processing technology of thin glass, but they didn't know what industry it was used in. But they didn't look down on young amarton at that time."

in order to convince the Austrian company of its sincerity, Lin Jinxi remitted more than 50 million yuan to the other party's subsidiary in Shanghai in the form of a deposit, and booked six production lines at one go

however, after Lin Jinxi made 2mm thin glass, he encountered the photovoltaic winter of 2013

"I'm silly. I've worked hard to make it. I want to recommend it to my customers, but customers don't want to launch new products."

there was no way. Lin Jinxi decided to do it by himself, that is, to make double glass components. In this way, yamadon has gone upstream from a supplier of functional materials to a manufacturer of functional materials

after amarton's ultra-thin double glass modules ushered in a new era of light-weight photovoltaic, in these years, the boom of double glass modules swept the whole industry

as the pioneer of ultra-thin double glass components in China, the output value of the enterprise is expected to reach 1.7 billion yuan in 2017, of which this product alone is more than 1billion yuan

on November 17, 2017, Changzhou yamadon Co., Ltd. was certified as the "leader" in the conversion efficiency of CTC photovoltaic modules. The "leader" plan is a special photovoltaic support plan implemented by the national energy administration, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the certification and Accreditation Commission since 2015

the third product: from cross-border to boundless

"if others don't do it, I'll do it. I like to find another way. What if it succeeds?" This is Lin Jinxi's personality

acquire the equity of solarmax Technology Co., Ltd., set up branches in Germany, and set up offices in Japan "Going out" is a major strategic measure implemented by yamadon in recent years

the project in Dubai silicon oasis, with a total investment of 20million US dollars, will produce special ultra-thin double-sided glass photovoltaic panels specially designed for the hot summer in the Middle East to adapt to the desert climate, especially suitable for residential buildings, parking Jinan gold test spring tension and compression testing machine. According to its operation mode, it can be divided into manual spring tension and compression testing machine, full-automatic spring tension and compression testing machine, microcomputer controlled spring tension and compression testing locomotive yard, greenhouse Roofs and solar farms

"this factory in Dubai will help the company to explore and develop the global market in the future. The construction cycle alone is nearly five years."

Lin Jinxi said that amardon Middle East and North Africa Co., Ltd. was able to reach production capacity in March this year, with a capacity of 100 MW of double glass components, radiating the European and African markets. Looking at the thriving ultra-thin double glass components, Lin Jinxi felt that he could breathe a sigh of relief: there was no wrong way. However, he is not satisfied with this

in 2013, while maintaining the steady growth of his main business in dealing with the experiments necessary to be done under high temperature, he gradually began to expand the application field of ultra-thin reinforced optoelectronic glass by relying on the physical tempering technology of thin glass

"ultra thin large-size display cover glass is my third product. Now TV, health care, new energy vehicles, even unmanned restaurants need to be used. Once the idea is opened, the market will be bigger."

the cover glass is the protective glass. The ultra-thin cover glass was originally used in, flat panel and touch laptop after the higher molecular chain was stretched and deformed. The cover glass made by yamadon has the characteristics of "three highs", namely, high surface finish, high surface hardness, high strength and strong scratch resistance. It is very suitable for making large panel display cover

the project of ultra-thin large-size display glass is another five years. It is expected to be put into the market this year, and the annual sales revenue is expected to increase by 1.5 billion yuan

perhaps in the past, yamadon was an enterprise in the photovoltaic industry. Now yamadon has transformed into more industries through cross-border gorgeous transformation

"in the future, no matter who will lead yamadon Lin Jinxi, I want to tell him: we should continue to do innovative things, not to do things that drift with the tide."

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