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Yale University students found organisms that can degrade polyurethane

a group of 2011 Yale University undergraduates, including Jon Russell, found through research that organisms contained in fungal plants in the Amazon rainforest can degrade polyurethane

Yale University published a manuscript saying that this discovery was published in the Journal of applied and environmental microbiology, which may lead to new ways to reduce landfills around the world

these undergraduates participated in the tropical rainforest exploration and laboratory courses at Yale University, funded by Howard Hughes Medical Research Institute

kaury Kucera, a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of molecular biophysics and biochemistry of Yale University and a teacher of the course, said, "our research shows that as long as we fully and strictly follow the relevant national regulations and standards to produce, use and consume, and give full play to the creativity of students, we can obtain surprising new discoveries."

students collect endophytic bacteria from rainforest plants and take them back to the laboratory in New Haven, Connecticut, USA, to test their biological activity, and then analyze the biologically active flora to study whether it can be used for medical or other purposes

when visiting Ecuador in 2008, PriA Anand, a student of this course, decided to explore whether the endophytic bacteria she collected as soon as possible to confirm the corrective measures have biodegradation. In the preliminary test, Anand found that the endophytic bacteria she collected had a chemical reaction when they came into contact with plastic

jeffrey Huang analyzed the endophytic bacteria collected by other students during the field trip to the rainforest in 2008 to find out the most effective flora for breaking down chemical bonds

subsequently, Russell found that one of the endophytic bacteria found by Huang had the strongest biodegradability. Under the further study of Russell, the enzymes that can decompose polyurethane most effectively were found

although other media can also degrade polyurethane, this enzyme found by Yale University students has the most promising prospect, because it can also degrade plastics in the presence of oxygen. Yale University called this feature "a prerequisite for biodegradation of landfill waste."

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