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Yan'an rainbow new energy photovoltaic glass full trial production

as the concept of new energy is widely accepted, slow said that this kind of technology can also be used in other aspects. In the glass industry, photovoltaic glass shapes can also be customized with the following specifications: M6, M8, M10; It has become a huge market. Recently, Yan'an rainbow new energy's all oxygen combustion photovoltaic glass furnace was officially put into trial production

it is reported that the full oxygen combustion photovoltaic glass furnace technology used in this project has the characteristics of low energy consumption/low emission/high efficiency, and the unit energy consumption has reached the lowest level in the world, which further reflects the concept of sustainable development of new energy. In addition to professional technological innovation, the photovoltaic glass furnace production line also inherits the data control system, forming a new era industrial production line with intelligent and information-based operation characteristics

at the same time, the project has been listed in the "2017 intelligent manufacturing comprehensive standardization and new mode application project" of the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China and the "2017 major technological transformation project" of Shaanxi Provincial Department of industry and information technology. With a total investment of 750million yuan and a daily melting capacity of 850 tons, it is expected to produce an annual output of 26million square meters after it is officially put into operation. The solar cell modules that can be packaged will reach 3.7gw, and the output value may reach 640million yuan

it is understood that in addition to technological innovation, rainbow new energy actively uses employment posts, and it is strictly forbidden to enter any position to participate in the poverty alleviation plan. Among the on-the-job employees, there are more than 200 children from poor families, which has played an exemplary role in the enterprise's social performance

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