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Technical measures for mine safety management

1. Adjust the ventilation system in time according to the mining dynamics of mine production to make the ventilation system reach a reasonable and stable state

2. The ventilation facilities must be set reasonably, the acceptance and handover system should be implemented, the daily maintenance should be strengthened, and the air leakage should be reduced to improve the effective air volume

3. Strengthen the inspection and maintenance of the roadway, ensure the ventilation section, and prohibit production if the roadway is in serious disrepair and insufficient ventilation capacity

4. The mine ventilation system is reasonable and stable, and zoning ventilation is implemented. The task of energy conservation and pollution prevention in the process of plastic granulator with air is particularly urgent, and the air volume shall be allocated as planned. Before the tunnel is connected, the ventilation system is adjusted and the angle of the main ventilator is adjusted, safety technical measures should be prepared, and there should be unified command from the leader in charge of the mine and on-site command from the ventilation leader in charge of the district team

5. The main ventilator of the mine and the ground anti wind facilities shall be inspected by the relevant departments organized by the person in charge of mine electromechanical once a month, and the underground anti wind facilities shall be inspected by the person in charge of mine ventilation once a month, with records available. The mine conducts an anti wind drill every year in winter, and the anti wind effect complies with the regulations

6. Circulating air is strictly prohibited for local fans. Series ventilation should not be adopted without special circumstances. If series ventilation is adopted, safety technical measures must be prepared and carefully implemented to prevent unreasonable series ventilation

7. It is strictly forbidden to shut down the local ventilator without plan. When the wind stops temporarily due to failure, the team leader on duty is responsible for the immediate removal of personnel according to the requirements of the tile inspector and safety supervisor, and the tile inspector shall set up fences and warning signs to prohibit personnel from entering. Before starting the local ventilator, it must be determined according to the maximum gas concentration in the excavation roadway, restore the ventilation of the excavation roadway or discharge gas. If the gas drainage of the excavation face is carried out, it must be carried out according to the gas drainage measures, and the gas drainage system of "four people interlocking" and "five people together" must be implemented at the same time. The rescue team will discharge the gas in a unified way, and hand it over to the security area after the gas discharge

8. The heading face must be equipped with dual fans (with the same capacity) and dual power supplies, and the mechanical and electrical department shall organize an automatic switching test every ten days. At the same time, records can be checked to ensure the automatic switching between the main fan and the standby fan, and the installation of local fans shall implement "three special and two locking"

(II) safety technical measures for gas management

1. For mining and tunneling faces with large gas emission and abnormal conditions, cadres follow the shift and conduct on-site safety checks. The mine held a professional meeting on gas prevention and control in time to formulate technical measures for gas control, and issued them in the form of meeting minutes, such as our newly designed high-grade chemical protective clothing to relevant units, which were carefully implemented

2. Arrange and organize gas inspection according to the mining dynamics and gas emission from import to production. Tile inspectors shall strictly implement the gas inspection system and must be full-time and certified. Empty shift, missed inspection and false inspection are strictly prohibited. Carefully fill in the gas inspection record and hand over the shift on site

3. Strictly control the gas concentration. If the gas in the operation site exceeds the limit, the operation must be stopped immediately. The tile inspector must immediately take measures to deal with it, align it with a level ruler, and report to the dispatcher in the security area in time; Other personnel must also stop the operation immediately if they find that the gas in the operation site exceeds the limit, and immediately notify the tile inspector and the security area dispatcher in the area. The dispatcher in the security area shall immediately report to the main leaders of the security area after receiving the notice of gas overrun

4. Strengthen the management of blind roadways and closed roadways. In case of blind roadways and abandoned roadways, cut off the power supply, withdraw electrical equipment, dismantle or disconnect railways and pipelines, they must be permanently closed. The closed areas must be regularly checked for gas and sampled for analysis of gas composition. Gas must not accumulate before sealing. It is strictly prohibited to carry out any work in the area where the air is stopped or the gas exceeds the limit

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