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Seasonal construction technical measures

section I summer construction technical measures

1 For the on-site pouring and tamping concrete, strong watering and curing work, cover measures can be taken according to the specific situation

2. When pouring and tamping concrete, add retarder according to the gradation, organize reasonable labor arrangement and determine the construction process according to the amount of concrete, strengthen concrete transportation equipment and shorten the transportation time

3. The operating surface of the decoration process shall be protected from the scorching sun as far as possible, and the external decoration construction shall be arranged as far as possible in the weather of how to repair the plunger pump of the testing machine in cloudy days

4. In high-temperature seasons, a canopy should be set up to ensure the timely supply of tea, avoid the high-temperature climate at noon, reasonably arrange work and rest time, achieve the combination of work and rest, and effectively do a good job in cooling and heatstroke prevention

section II technical measures for construction in rainy season

1 Strengthen the contact with the meteorological department, increase medium and long-term forecasts, and reasonably arrange the construction. The site management personnel conduct a comprehensive inspection of the structural stability and rainproof performance of the site temporary facilities, and take corresponding technical measures and timely reinforce them for the specific problems found, so as to gradually become popular in the international market with excellent cost performance

2. For the power distribution room on site, temporarily move the power box to prevent rainwater infiltration. The derrick of the tower crane on site should check whether the lightning protection facilities are completely reliable. Lightning protection measures should be taken during construction, and rain and electric leakage prevention measures should be taken for on-site electromechanical equipment

3. Do a good job of drainage and pumping at the construction site

4. For concrete works that must be constructed continuously in rainy season, reliable rainproof measures should be taken before construction, and a variety of rainproof materials, such as nylon cloth, linoleum and straw bags, should be prepared for temporary covering to prevent the impact of rain on the concrete strength. If necessary, the concrete with a higher grade "shaxiaolin said should be used for construction

5. The water consumption of self mixing concrete in rainy season should be adjusted appropriately

6. Set up scaffolding outside the steel pipe to the top around to ensure that the masonry works and exterior wall painting and decoration works are carried out as planned

7. Prepare enough rainproof protective articles such as raincoats for the construction personnel to carry out on-site construction in rainy days, and mobilize the workers to carry out uninterrupted on-site construction in rainy days on the premise of ensuring the health of the workers

section III technical measures for winter construction

1 Prepare enough antifreeze and cold resistant materials, and the construction work will not stop when the cold current comes and the wind blows

2. During winter construction, the concrete and mortar shall be covered with straw bags and plastic cloth to prevent the concrete from freezing; Configure sufficient formwork to ensure continuous construction of the main structure; When the brick masonry is built at a negative temperature, the mortar consistency should be appropriately increased, the blocks should not be watered, an appropriate amount of antifreeze should be mixed in the mortar, and straw bags should be covered on the wall

3. Strictly improve the concrete mix proportion with high-precision ball screws, adopt high-activity cement, increase the amount of cement and reduce the water cement ratio, so as to strengthen the growth of concrete strength and the release of cement hydration heat, and give priority to the use of ministerial cement

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