Technical measures to prevent vibration of steam a

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Technical measures to prevent vibration of steam and water pipelines

1 first, adopt numerical control milling of large-size aluminum alloy materials to produce integral aluminum alloy structural parts. Before the secondary bypass is put into operation, it should be completely drained. When the conditions are met, the secondary bypass valve should be fully opened first, and then the primary bypass valve should be opened until 5 ~ 10% of the pipe is warmed up for 5 ~ 10 minutes, and then the adjusting valve should be slowly opened as required

2 when steam is put into operation, in which a is the size steam header composed of mold parts, it should be fully considered, and the ponding in the low concave section and dead zone at the end should be discharged in time, and the pipe should be warmed under low pressure (0.02MPa) for not less than 30 minutes, subject to the fact that the atmospheric drainage pipe has no drainage. After the warming, the pressure of the traditional aerogel gel production technology header should be gradually increased, and special attention should be paid to the connection between units

3 the stagnant water in the dead zone of the auxiliary steam main pipe and the auxiliary steam supply pipe that have not been put into operation should be kept in a regular discharge state to prevent the pipe vibration in the state of accident or emergency

4 the high-pressure and low-pressure heaters should be operated with water, and it is strictly prohibited to operate with full water, so as to prevent the vibration of the pipeline and heater and the leakage of the flanges of the pipeline and valve

5 it is strictly forbidden to operate the high-pressure and low-pressure heaters without water, so as to prevent the vibration caused by the impact of two-phase flow on the pipeline, and at the same time, it can also reduce the scouring of pipelines and valves

6 units with boiler and deaerator undergoing overpressure test shall check the return water of steam extraction pipeline and drain the accumulated water

7 under non accident conditions, it is strictly forbidden to open the outlet valve of various rotating equipment to prevent damage caused by impact and vibration of equipment, pipelines and valves

8 during the operation of the unit, after the condenser and high and low pressure heaters are eliminated, they must be put into operation in accordance with the methods specified in the technical standard for 300MW centralized control operation of our factory, especially the high-pressure heater. It is strictly prohibited to directly supply water without water injection in all cases, and the water injection speed should be strictly controlled

9 after the high-pressure heater stops, first close the drain regulating valve of each high-pressure heater, close the steam inlet valve of the high-pressure heater and the electric valve of the high-pressure heater drain guide deaerator, so as to prevent the steam with higher pressure from flowing back into the steam pipeline with lower pressure through the next high-pressure heater, causing the vibration of the steam inlet pipeline of the next high-pressure heater and the pipeline of the high-pressure heater drain guide deaerator, and causing the leakage of the check valve and flange of the pipeline

10 it is required that the water level alarm and automatic regulation devices of high and low pressure heaters in thermal engineering are good, and the limits of each regulating valve are easy to use

11 keep the condenser running with water under all conditions to avoid vibration and impact of condensate pipeline and low-pressure heater

12 keep the water level of the deaerator at the normal level (2100 ~ 2300mm) to prevent vaporization of the feed pump and pipe vibration

13 in normal operation, the heat load entering the condenser should be strictly controlled, and the manual drain valve and steam operated valve on the future growth period expander of the drain solar cell should be closed at the same time to avoid the vibration of the condenser caused by excessive heat load

14 when the single machine is running and the boiler is pressed for fire, if the unit trips and the parameters of the auxiliary steam header fail to meet the operation requirements, it is strictly prohibited to put the shaft seal into operation. The vacuum should be destroyed immediately, and the shaft seal can be put into operation only after the auxiliary steam pressure is normal

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