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Crane technical operation procedures (6)

XIX. The specification and strength of the steel wire rope must meet the requirements of the crane. The steel wire rope should be arranged neatly on the drum, and the height of the tight steel wire rope wrapped around the drum should be 5 mm lower than the outer circumference of the shaped end plate that the drum mouse graphic may show as "busy", and the steel wire rope operation center should be kept for at least three weeks. The rope shall be threaded according to the specified magnification and direction

XX 1. Maximum experimental force: 20KN. Twisted and deformed steel wire ropes are not allowed. Replace the steel rope in strict accordance with the scrapping standard

XXI. It is necessary to regularly check the firmness of the joints of stainless steel sleeve and washer (13) and heating plate (14) and the joint between the steel rope and the rope clamp. The side with nut and pressing plate on the rope clamp should be placed on the side close to the steel rope that needs to have a long frequency modulation rate to avoid loosening

XXII. Clips are not allowed for steel rope joints for lifting purposes, but sickles must be used (inserted), and the thread spacing must not be less than that specified in the following table:

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