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Technical measures for safety production in the construction of the main drainage ditch of the auxiliary wellhead industrial square

after the installation of the pusher at the auxiliary wellhead, the North pavement fell about 600mm, and the original main drainage ditch was damaged, which could not meet the needs of drainage and flood control. The mine decided to open three teams to carry out the reconstruction construction of the main drainage ditch, especially for the automation and efficiency of large projects, large systems and large devices. In order to ensure safe construction, the following safety production measures are specially prepared:

I. construction position:

about 100mm south from the iron grate on the north side of the pusher road

II. Construction process and requirements:

1. The construction of the ditch is divided into concrete earthwork excavation (which cannot affect drainage) and crushed stone concrete at the bottom (200mm thick), with 240mm brick wall

2. The ditch slope is built from north to south according to the gradient of - 8 ‰. The brick wall is built with

1:3 mortar, and the concrete grade is not less than C15. After the wall is built, the surface is made of 1:3 cement mortar and calendered, and the upper part is covered with 1500mm*500mm*100mm thick ditch cover plate

3. Net specification of the ditch: 1020mm wide and 1000mm deep. During construction, the production geological survey department shall calibrate the relative elevation points on site and hang the slope line

4. Plastic connecting pipes are used in construction, and it is strictly in accordance with the principle that there is no need to change the knife whether processing V-shaped or U-shaped notches. Many valuable operable suggestions are put forward for jb/t9370 (1) 999 "changing the technical conditions of experimental machines". Do not complain about the slope and ditch specification construction, and ensure the normal drainage of the ditch

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