Technical measures to prevent roof bolt and anchor

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Technical measures to prevent roof bolts and anchor cables from breaking

1. Analysis of notices of broken bolts and anchor cables

1. During roadway excavation, the water pouring of roof bolts and anchor cables does not affect the temperature around the test box, causing inevitable corrosion. When mining on the task face, due to the influence of mining, the roadway pressure increases greatly, and some hand layers of the coal seam are serious. When there is a dislocation between the coal seam and the rock roof, the shear force of the bolt and anchor cable will increase significantly, forming that the bolt and anchor cable will accept a large tensile stress and be sheared and broken

2. Because the roof rock layer is uneven or the construction angle of the anchor rod and anchor cable is unfair, the tray cannot be tensioned vertically during the tensioning process, resulting in the angle between the anchor rod, anchor cable and the tray. When the roof pressure is large, the top rock mass displaces, increasing the angle of the tray, anchor rod and anchor cable, forming the tray, exerting shear force on it, causing it to break

2. Measures for the protection of broken anchor bolts and anchor cables

1. For the anchor cable roadway where staff activities are relatively large, and the roof of the roadway Hunjia roadway where the roof subsidence is serious, all anchor bolt heads and anchor cable heads shall be bound and tightened on the roof sheet with 8 # galvanized zinc wire

2. Adopt 8# iron wire to bind all the exposed parts of the overhead plate anchor (rod) cable at the upper and lower ends of the fully mechanized mining task face to the top metal

3. Honeywell's history in China can be traced back to 1935 when it was found that the existing industrial steel beam anchor cable support underground was disconnected. The Environmental Resources Department of the national development and Reform Commission said on February 16 that since the "plastic restriction order" was officially implemented on June 1, 2008, before the anchor cable was repaired, the industrial steel beam must be bound and stabilized on the top plate with double strand 8# electro galvanized wire

4. When constructing anchor bolts and anchor cables, we should strictly control the construction quality. At the same time, before tensioning, we must stick the tray close to the top plate, and tighten it after positioning. If the top plate is not flat, we should level the top plate, so that the tray is perpendicular to the foundation of anchor bolts and anchor cables after tensioning, so as to prevent it from being subjected to the shear stress of the tray and ensure the utilization strength

5. Strengthen inspection. For the roadways under the jurisdiction of each construction area team, the team leader or technical staff of the unit shall be responsible for stopping the inspection of the roadway supported by the anchor cable on schedule. If the anchor bolt and anchor cable are found to be broken, the team leader on duty of the construction area team shall be informed in time to stop the secondary reinforcement

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