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Technical measures for safe production and civilized construction of air conditioning installation engineering

1. Safety management system (see safety management system diagram)

1.1 the project implements three-level management of safety production (company, branch and project department) at all levels, with supervision from top to bottom

1.2 adhere to the principle that production management must be in charge of production, and whoever constructs is responsible for safety. From the project manager to the specific operator, every construction management and operation layer has a certain responsibility for safety production

1.3 all personnel participating in the construction must establish the ideology that safety is for production and production must be safe. From the commencement to the completion of the project, they must provide innovative and customized products and solutions for global customers. They must strictly implement the national safety regulations and the company's rules and regulations on safe production. The construction workers must operate in accordance with the company's safety technical operation procedures for installation workers. Do a good job in safety production, do not command or operate against rules, put an end to major accidents and general accidents

2. Safety protection

2.1 strictly implement the pre shift safety meeting system, carefully implement the provisions of written safety disclosure, carry out accurate safety technical disclosure according to operating conditions, weather changes and construction progress, and perform the signature procedures of the discloser and the Discloser

2.2 for the operators (including migrant workers and temporary workers) participating in the construction, the first method is to dismantle the pressing plate on the side of the moving beam 1 and carry out three-level safety education and examination. Only after passing the examination can they enter the site for operation

2.3 when entering the construction site, six disciplines and ten measures with a follow-up period of 5 to 39 months must be strictly implemented, and safety helmets and personal protective equipment must be used correctly

2.4 when working at heights, strictly throw tools, materials and other objects up or down

2.5 ladders shall not be used without gears or elevated. The upper end shall be fastened and the lower end shall be provided with anti-skid measures. The angle between the single-sided ladder and the ground is appropriate. When using a herringbone ladder, the middle should be connected with a firm rope. It is forbidden for two or more people to work on the same ladder

2.6 for work at heights above 2 meters (including 2 meters), a tightly protected operation platform must be set up, otherwise, safety belts must be used

2.7 special operation personnel must work with certificates, and it is strictly forbidden to work without certificates

2.8 when carrying out the hoisting discipline, a full-time hoisting commander should be set up. No one is allowed to stand under the hoisting paddle and the hoisting object, and irrelevant personnel are not allowed to enter the hoisting area. Warning areas and warning signs must be set up

2.9 eye catching safety signs and warning signs must be hung on the construction site

3. Temporary safe use of electricity on the construction site

3.1 the temporary use of electricity on the construction site must strictly comply with the technical code for safety of temporary use of electricity on the construction site, and a safe distribution box must be set

3.2 all kinds of electric mechanical equipment must have reliable safety grounding or neutral connection. The transmission part must have a protective cover

3.3 hand held electric tools must be equipped with contact (leakage) protector

3.4 during night construction, sufficient lighting must be ensured, and red lights should be set up in ditches, grooves, pits, holes and dangerous places to prevent casualties

3.5 the lighting lamp should be hung in a dry, safe and reliable place, and it is strictly prohibited to set it at will

safety management system diagram

manager of the company participating in international competition -- deputy production manager of the company -- Branch Manager/Engineering Department of the company -- deputy production manager of the branch -- Project Manager -- deputy project manager -- full-time safety officer of the project -- company safety officer -- Safety Officer of the construction team

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