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Technical measures to ensure the stable operation of the power plant

I. measures to ensure the stable operation of dual units this winter and next spring

in order to ensure the safe and stable operation of units this winter and next spring, combined with the current situation of personnel and equipment in our department, this temporary measure is specially formulated and required to be strictly implemented by all teams

1. Strengthen the implementation of the safety system for personnel at all levels to prevent the dilution of safety at all levels. The safety learning of each shift of each team must be seriously adhered to. The department leaders should participate in the team learning in time, and inspect and assess the implementation of the team safety learning from time to time

2. Strictly implement the 29 preventive measures to prevent major accidents of the group company, carefully study the "analysis of dangerous points of 300MW unit operation" and "anti accident measures for 300MW unit operation"

3. Carefully organize the study of various plans and major and extra large operation measures, and strengthen the supervision of major and extra large operations. Those who use the operation ticket must carefully fill in the operation ticket and the review and operation supervision system to prevent misoperation accidents, At the same time, relevant professional supervisors or leaders are required to provide on-site guidance and supervision

4. Strictly implement the two tickets and three systems, strengthen the discipline of on duty supervision, strengthen the monitoring and adjustment of relevant systems, eliminate misoperation and habitual violations, and ensure the safe and stable operation of the unit

5. Strengthen the patrol inspection of the on-site equipment of #31 and 32 units, and notify relevant personnel to arrange treatment immediately in case of defects, so as to effectively improve the health level of the equipment and ensure safe production

6、 Especially strengthen the patrol inspection of the oil system (31 6 bearing's transformation of the coal-fired furnace of the plastic granulator system has become an important issue to be solved urgently; the small end cover of the external oil baffle has oil leakage; the small particles of EH oil of 31 exceed the standard to a certain extent; the relevant filter element on the pipeline has been replaced with a high-precision filter element, and the oil filter is further used for oil filtration, hoping to strengthen the patrol inspection of the relevant pipelines of the EH oil system and the monitoring of the changes in the opening of the main and regulating valves), and put an end to running, emitting Dripping and leakage cause fire

7. Strengthen the detection of hydrogen leakage in the hydrogen system to avoid hydrogen leakage affecting the normal operation of the unit and even hydrogen explosion

8. Do a good job in cold and antifreeze protection of equipment: pay attention to the weather conditions at any time. When there is special weather and the temperature drops sharply, measures should be taken to strengthen the equipment patrol. The maximum peak output power can reach more than 1.5KVA visual acuity. In case of water leakage or vibration, notify the maintenance and treatment in time; Put HVAC into operation in time according to the ambient temperature to ensure that the temperature in the control room and each electronic equipment room is appropriate; Timely close the doors, windows and roof ventilators at the production site, strengthen the inspection of the air conditioning equipment in the booster station and battery room, and timely notify and deal with any fault, so as to keep the indoor temperature not lower than 5 ℃

9. Reasonably arrange the operation mode of electrical equipment, grasp the system power flow, equipment defects, electrical weak links, major hidden dangers and unit operation status at any time, and timely adjust the system voltage and frequency to be normal

10. Strengthen the elimination of defects in the equipment of auxiliary power supply, find defects in time, adhere to the principle that small defects are not on duty, big defects are not too big, and major defects are organized and planned, and strictly implement the closed-loop management system of equipment defects

11. Strengthen the operation inspection and monitoring of all equipment, main transformer, high-voltage auxiliary transformer and related auxiliary equipment (cooler, knife switch power supply, etc.) in the booster station. To ensure the normal operation of the power supply system and eliminate defects in time

12. Check that the generator transformer unit protection, start-up and standby transformer protection, two line protection and bus differential protection operate normally when each shift takes over, and each protection pressing plate is put into operation as required

13. The expansion of the utilization pattern of the whole product is highly consistent with the strategic plan of the 10 major fields of "made in China 2025", and the power switches of plant systems are comprehensively checked every day in the middle shift. Each power switch should be in a good standby state

14. For the special wiring mode of start-up and standby transformers in our plant, strengthen the operation management and maintenance of start-up and standby transformers and diesel generators to ensure the reliability of power supply in case of accidents. Note that the diesel generator is in the linkage standby state, and no locking signal is sent. Two circuit power switches from PC section to each security section are in the closing position, one circuit of power incoming switch of security section is in the closing position, and the other circuit is linked for standby. The circuits from the diesel generator to each security section are in hot standby state, all equipment is in good condition, and the switch energy storage is normal

15. Test run 31 and 32 diesel generators according to the regular work regulations, and pay attention to check that the battery voltage for ignition of diesel generator is sufficient. The operating personnel shall check the oil level of the diesel generator oil tank (no less than 2/3), the equipment management department shall prepare the filtered diesel generator oil, and the shift supervisor shall immediately organize refueling when notifying refueling

16. Strengthen the inspection and maintenance of diesel generator, DC system, ups and its power supply system, and deal with defects in time. The DC oil pump shall be subject to regular test run as required. The regular switching test of diesel generator and motor in standby shall be strictly implemented to ensure reliable standby, and the operation and maintenance work shall be done well to ensure the power supply reliability of security power supply

17. Regularly inspect the energy storage of the electronic room, booster station, 6kV, 380V distribution room, standby switch, transformer, MCC cabinet, cable trench and other distribution facilities to ensure that the doors and windows are intact and tight, and prevent small animals from short circuit and water leakage

18. Do a good job in the accident prediction and Accident Plan of electrical equipment overload, generator, transformer, booster station line trip, 220kV bus power loss, unit disconnection, system frequency and voltage out of limit under special weather conditions (strong wind, heavy rain, fog, severe cold, etc.), and do a good job in the preparation of personnel and materials, so as to deal with the accident in a timely and orderly manner

19. Strengthen the detection and supervision of steam, water and oil quality to avoid affecting the safe and stable operation of the unit due to scaling, salt deposition, corrosion, etc

20. On the premise of ensuring the safe and stable operation of the unit, strengthen the contact and communication with the dispatching department, try to improve the peak to valley ratio, and arrange to deal with small defects that do not affect the healthy and stable operation of the equipment at low load

21. The management personnel of the power generation department should go deeper into the site, and increase the understanding, supervision and guidance of the ideological dynamics, business skills and working spirit of the on-site equipment and the watchmen

II. Measures for stable operation when the low load incoming coal of the unit is unstable

this winter and next spring enter the dry season. The two units operate. The incoming coal of the boiler is unstable, the coal quality of the incoming coal changes greatly, and the unit load is low (sometimes the load is 165mw). In order to ensure the safe, stable and economic operation of the unit, please further take the following preventive measures:

1. When the unit load is lower than 180m3.5, use the Ferrograph heating method to detect and analyze W, Actively report and explain the situation to the dispatcher, and strive to increase the load to 180MW and above

2. Each shift should know the coal loading situation in time, especially the coal loading situation 8 ~ 10 hours ago, and reasonably arrange the operation mode of the pulverizing system to ensure at least high-quality coal on the D warehouse. When the pulverizing system has maintenance or defects, contact the coal handling as soon as possible to adjust the coal loading mode; It is strictly forbidden for B pulverizing system to pour powder into B powder bin

3. When the load is lower than 180MW, on the premise of ensuring that the primary air pipe is not blocked, the primary air pressure should be reduced as much as possible, and the air pressure at the outlet of D and C pulverized coal exhausters should be controlled at 4.5 ~ 5kpa, so as to improve the pulverized coal concentration and ensure the centralized combustion in the burner area. If it is found that the powder feeder does not discharge powder, is jammed, and the pin is broken, immediately organize personnel to deal with it to avoid missing angle operation

4. Reasonable air distribution. Adjust the air distribution mode in time according to the load and coal quality. Adopt waist shrinking air distribution. Try to turn down the secondary air valves of CC and DD layers until the surrounding air of ABC layer is turned down. Control the differential pressure of secondary air box 200 ~ 400pa and maintain the negative pressure of furnace at 0 ~ -50pa. Check the local opening of each secondary air damper. If the deviation is greater than 10%, contact the maintenance personnel for treatment

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