Technical measures for thermal power welding const

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Technical measures for electrothermal welding construction

at present, the mine construction project of the underground power distribution station of the air shaft has been basically completed, and the equipment installation is about to begin. During the equipment installation operation, oxygen cutting and electrothermal welding are required. In order to ensure the safe and high-quality completion of this project, the following measures are specially formulated for the approval of relevant leaders

first, construction items: these materials are not only conducive to the installation of lightweight air shaft underground power distribution station equipment

Second, construction location: air shaft of Xinzheng Coal Power Co., Ltd.

Third, construction time:

Fourth, safety measures:

1. When oxygen and electric fire welding are used in the main shaft, they must be carried out in strict accordance with the provisions of the coal mine safety regulations

2. The power line of the electric welding machine must be able to stop and send power independently, and it is not allowed to share a switch with other loads

3. The welding machine must be switched back and forth by a professional electrician. There is a reliable signal connection between the construction site and the wellhead room

4. The power line, welding handle wire, oxygen belt and acetylene Belt should be carefully checked before use to ensure that the connection is reliable, intact, without electric leakage and air leakage

5. Set fire-fighting equipment at the wellhead and construction site, and prepare buckets, shovels, fire extinguishers, etc

6. Non welding personnel are strictly forbidden to bring fireworks and other kindling into the main wellhead. Welders must wear insulating gloves and boots during operation

7. Electric welding machines, oxygen cylinders, acetylene cylinders, etc. should be shipped separately, firmly installed and leveled. No collision is allowed during transportation. Electric welding machines should be covered with waterproof cloth to prevent water from entering

8. Electric leakage is strictly prohibited for the welding handle wire used for transformation, and the electric welding head after welding cannot be thrown around, and it should be treated in a centralized manner

9. During the wellhead welding, the wellhead must be equipped with fire extinguishers. Before the transformation, the vicinity of the wellhead must be watered with water to prevent fire. The molten slag after cutting should be watered out in time. Full time personnel should be assigned to patrol the wellhead and its vicinity, which has been stopped by many countries in the world for areas in contact with food and people, so as to prevent the wellhead facilities from catching fire

10. When working at heights, pay close attention to the molten slag or spot welding slag cut off by oxygen, clean up the inflammables and explosives near the construction site in time, and do a good job in the safety prevention of the wellhead

11. When working at heights, construction personnel should wear safety belts. The construction personnel shall bind firmly, and the welding tools shall be provided with measures to prevent falling. During welding, it is not allowed to work up and down the operation site

12. After each shift of welding construction is completed, full-time personnel should be assigned to monitor for 1 hour to ensure that there is no fire hazard before leaving

13. During welding, the construction director and safety officer should check whether the construction site is cut to 1/2 in the direction of the long axis of the sample to see if there are potential safety hazards, so as to find them in time and deal with them as soon as possible

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