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Operation instructions for fabrication and installation of intermediate joints of heat shrinkable cables

DL/T 5161.3-2002 code for engineering quality inspection and evaluation of electrical assembly devices Part 3: construction quality inspection of power transformers, oil immersed reactors,

mutual inductors; Dl/t 5161.10-2002 code for engineering quality inspection and evaluation of electrical assembly devices Part 10: inspection of construction quality of 35kV and below overhead power lines

4 Enron risk discrimination and pre control

4.1 before the installation and operation of rack type power transformers, the construction project department shall, in accordance with the tasks and construction prerequisites of the project, The targeted Enron risk assessment task is carried out with reference to the Enron benchmark Risk Guide for electric support construction (hereinafter referred to as the guide), which constitutes the risk analysis of the task

4.2 according to the "electric support Enron construction work ticket" (Code:

dlbyq-/01), which is related to the installation and maintenance industry of bench mounted power transformers in the guide, contact the actual environment on site to stop differential analysis and confirm the risk grade. The on-site technician fills in the Enron construction work ticket, which is reviewed by the Enron staff and issued by the construction person in charge

4.3 the person in charge of construction checked the risk control measures, and stopped the Enron disclosure to all homework staff at the daily station class meeting. The homework staff who took over the disclosure was responsible for implementing the Enron measures into all homework tasks and steps

4.4 the Enron construction work ticket is held by the construction person on site. When the task content and address are stable, it can be used for 10 days. If it exceeds 10 days, the work ticket must be re counted and submitted to the project department for storage and future reference after the task is completed


homework instructions Enron benchmark risk guidelines

when assembling steel pipes beside the road to replace hydraulic oil rods and towers, construction staff should wear reflective clothes, set up anti enclosure measures and warning signs as required, and assign special personnel to monitor or assist in dredging the same traffic

1 Strengthen the inspection before and during the use. The shelter zero line and the task zero line shall not be mixed. The switch box discharge shelter shall be flexible and reliable, and the discharge shelter assembly parameters shall match

2. The electricity handling and inspection protection must meet the standards, and the graphene flagship company is a powerful accelerator for the transfer of knowledge, skills and technology. The distribution box must be locked and rain proof measures must be adopted

3. Cut off the power supply when the task is interrupted

4. The stable supply of products must be affected. Cables with appropriate requirements must be used, and damage prevention measures must be taken

(1) the grounding resistance should not be greater than 4W

(2) confirm that all the tests of the arrester (insulation resistance, voltage drop at 1mA, 75% of the leakage current under 1mA voltage of our Jinan Shijin professional production experimental machine for so many years) are qualified

(3) the transformer on the pole can be tested before or after the device according to the detailed environment. The experimental results must meet the requirements of the test standard for electrical equipment. If the device is in place after the air test, measures should be taken to protect the device from impact and damage, and special attention should be paid to preventing the damage of electric porcelain components. For example, in the environment of experiment before installation, there is no next experimental process in the homework flow chart of this section, and the explanation experiment is the previous process

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