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Current situation of production and operation of pulp molding products

at present, the vast majority of pulp molding production enterprises are private enterprises, so on the whole, there are still some unsatisfactory aspects with excellent services. For example, the scale of the enterprise is small, the technical level is low, the independent innovation ability is weak, and the management level is not high. Moreover, the vast majority of pulp molded products still use the traditional wet papermaking method, and even some wrong original papermaking process. Therefore, in the process of pulp molding production, there are common problems of low efficiency, high energy consumption, large consumables and few models. In particular, the mold manufacturing means are backward. Therefore, not only the variety is single, the cost remains high, but also the products often have quality problems, such as thin wall, product moisture regain, and poor cushioning performance. The drop test of pulp molded products produced at present shows that after the first impact, its cushioning performance will be greatly reduced or even basically lost (that is, poor elasticity), and it cannot withstand multiple drops or collisions. Objectively speaking, the existing pulp molded parts can be used as shallow dish liners for general light-duty products, or they are small in size and light in weight, but they are still far from the index requirements to be used as buffer packaging materials for electronic products that completely replace EPS foamed plastics. At present, the fatal weakness of pulp molded products is that its structural strength and cushioning performance are not as good as EPS foamed plastics. At the same time, it is difficult to produce large-scale, high-depth pulp molded products, which can not meet the packaging needs of a large number of household electrical appliances, such as televisions, rear projectors, computers, picture tubes and other electronic products

on the other hand, national standards have not been issued for pulp molding equipment and products. At this time, if some manufacturers do not take appropriate safety measures, the quality standards of raw materials used by manufacturers are too low, which directly affects the appearance color and surface quality of products. Some manufacturing enterprises ignore the technical performance and index requirements of products, such as flame retardant, moisture-proof, anti-static, mold proof, etc. Therefore, its products are also difficult to meet the market requirements for the packaging of small household appliances such as electronic toys and gifts. For example, some users reported that due to the poor moisture-proof performance and insufficient strength of pulp molded products, they could not withstand the collision and damage during transportation. Even the cushion liner has mildew, which directly affects the quality of electronic products. The behavior of these enterprises objectively restricts the popularization and application of pulp molding

according to incomplete statistics, there are about 100 pulp molding (industrial packaging products) equipment and product manufacturing enterprises in China, and there is a trend of gradually increasing and launching one after another. At present, pulp molding production and application are mostly spontaneous, without mandatory policies and regulations as a guarantee, and there are no special standards, regulations and policies issued by national authoritative departments for related technologies, equipment, products, etc, The competent government departments have not organized and correctly guided the industry. Especially at present, the market economic order is not very standardized, resulting in fierce competition and no rules to follow, and sometimes scattered and chaotic phenomena, which is not conducive to the healthy development of the pulp molding industry

therefore, in order to produce buffer materials based on environmental friendly plant fiber materials that can completely replace EPS foamed plastics, we must use new ideas and technical methods to gradually develop towards an environmental friendly sunrise industry with extensive raw materials, smooth process, mature technology, stable equipment and a wide variety of products. 3. It is an environment-friendly sunrise industry with multiple R & D and complete categories of accelerated plasticizers, In the near future, pulp molded packaging will replace the cushioning material of EPS foamed plastic, contributing to the healthy development of China's green packaging industry, which can effectively prevent dust and other debris from entering the hydraulic system

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