Production and marketing status of talc powder in

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Production and marketing status of talc powder in Russia

talc powder - a unique natural mineral. Because of its chemical and physical properties and relatively cheap price, talc powder is widely used in many industrial sectors. The industrial use of talc powder with scale structure is determined by its main properties. It has flexibility. The device should be equipped with an effective measurement system and instigation recording, such as seriality, whiteness, hydrophobicity, atmospheric stability, acid resistance, heat resistance, chemical inertia, high temperature melting, conductivity and absorption. The annual production of talc powder in the world is about 6million tons, of which about 350000 tons are produced in Russia. Raw materials mined in Russia account for 29% of ceramic production. In papermaking production, the necessary is less than 22%, coating production accounts for 18%, plastic production accounts for 7%, and the viscosity index of hydraulic oil is generally higher than 90 2.2 under working temperature and pressure, roof coating accounts for 5%, cosmetics accounts for 3%, and talc powder required by other departments such as furniture, radio electronics and fire-proof materials accounts for 16%. Judging from the demand of the world market, talc powder is a product with potential export potential. The United States is the largest buyer of talc powder today while mining a large amount of talc powder by itself. The amount of talc imported from the United States accounts for 13% of the world demand. China and Japan export talc powder to the American market. The proportion of imported talc powder in the Russian market is 60%. The main reason is the poor quality of talc powder produced by Russian manufacturers. According to a representative of Russia's "Baikalsk mineral stock company" Fupolyakov said in an interview during the "Chemical Technology Week" held in St. Petersburg, "the grade of talc produced by the onotsk deposit in Russia is the best in Russia, and both purity and chemical composition are very good." It is said that the products produced in onotsk deposit are collected in the mineralogy Museum in London, England, from the earliest samples of aluminum and copper products, talc. However, the mining and processing technology of onotsk deposit cannot produce high-quality materials. Therefore, Russia was and is importing thousands of tons of similar foreign products. Russian professional technicians believe that as long as the high quality of crushing is guaranteed, it is possible to replace foreign imported talc products, such as fintalc, luzenac, mondominerals and other products with a dominant position in the Russian market. The key to the problem is that most of the chemical enterprises in Russia were built in the Soviet era. Their processing equipment for talc powder is old, the processing quality is up to standard, and the materials actually used may not meet the requirements. How to change this situation is the bottleneck restricting the production of high-quality talc powder in Russia. At present, the share and sales division of talc powder Market in Russia are relatively clear. Luzenac group provides its own products to the paper market. Mondominerals supplies to the paint and paper market, Russian enterprises provide talc powder to the paint industry and plastic industry, and Chinese companies mainly provide their own products to the plastic industry. It still needs time to prove whether there will be new companies in the Russian market and change the market situation

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