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The 6th generation AMOLED display project of Hehui optoelectronics plans to pilot production next month

[] the 6th generation AMOLED display project of Hehui optoelectronics located in Jinshan District, Shanghai, with a total investment of more than 27billion yuan. Its products are mainly 1-13 inch small and medium-sized displays and modules. It is planned to pilot production next month. After the completion of the project, it is of great significance to promote the optimization and upgrading of China's new display industry. Municipal leaders visited the flexible display and full HD products of the enterprise, observed the construction progress of the production line, and communicated with the person in charge of the enterprise about the development trend of the industry. Mayor Ying Yong said that the products of the new display industry are updated quickly, so we should pay attention to the connection with the market, pay attention to technology research and development, speed up project construction and mass production as soon as possible

mayor Ying Yong pointed out that we should speed up the cultivation of strategic emerging industries, promote the construction of a number of major projects, including "Hehui optoelectronics", and accelerate the formation of new drivers of industrial development. We should seize the opportunity of the construction of the science and technology innovation center, advance the layout of future cutting-edge industries, overcome and master a number of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, let more high-quality industrialization achievements emerge, constantly improve the added value of strategic emerging industries, and effectively improve the quality and energy level of Shanghai's real economic development

not long ago, Jilin aolaide Optoelectronic Materials Co., Ltd. once again "settled down" in Shanghai Jinshan. Different from setting up a wholly-owned subsidiary here in 2015, this time, Orad has chosen to build a large domestic production base and R & D base of high-performance light-emitting materials for AMOLED (active matrix organic light-emitting diode panel) in Jinshan Industrial Zone

as an important supplier of OLED (organic light emitting diode) materials used by Shanghai Hehui optoelectronics Co., Ltd., aolaide hopes to consolidate its leading position in the upstream of the domestic new display industrial chain by further "clinging" to Hehui optoelectronics. Standing at the "tuyere" of the development of the new display industry, the enterprise that listens to the 9-way switch input of the wind is far from alone

in recent years, Jinshan energy has created a new type of display, radiating the "industrial Valley" of the province from point to area. From the upstream core equipment and key materials of the industrial chain, to the midstream panel manufacturing, and then to the downstream commercial, large-scale and high-quality industrial projects have poured in. At present, more than ten leading enterprises and supporting enterprises have gathered in the "industrial Valley", with a total investment of nearly 40 billion yuan

"Jinshan is making every effort to build an important bearing area for the 'made in Shanghai' brand. Seizing the development opportunities of strategic emerging industries is the inevitable choice and source of power for Jinshan." Hu Weiguo, deputy secretary of the district Party committee and head of the District, said that the influence, competitiveness and driving force of Jinshan new display industry cluster are constantly increasing. With an eye to the future, it will continue to explore new display technology and industrial development, and strive to build a national new display industry demonstration base as soon as possible

"Golden Phoenix" came one after another

in fact, it was Hehui optoelectronics, a heavyweight business card "made in Shanghai", that made "aolaide" people feel that opportunities should not be missed and gather here one after another

after the establishment of Shanghai Hehui optoelectronics Co., Ltd. in 2012, it actively sought to gather new display industry clusters to achieve the effect of "clenching the fist and making the hair strong". This idea not only conforms to the planning of Shanghai Municipal Commission of economy and information technology and Jinshan District government, but also coincides with the pursuit of many enterprises in this industrial chain

in 2015, aolaide invested and established Shengxi optoelectronics company in Jinshan, focusing on the research and development of core equipment upstream of the OLED industrial chain. In Shanghai, a "big dock" where science and innovation elements gather, last year, Shengxi optoelectronics successfully developed OLED core evaporation equipment, becoming the second enterprise in the world to realize the industrial application of this equipment after Samsung in South Korea, announcing that China has bid farewell to being "stuck" in this technology field

"in fact, many places have thrown olive branches at us before, but Orad chose Jinshan again without hesitation." Linwenjing, the project manager of Shengxi Optoelectronics Technology, has just added the post of "project leader of Shanghai aolaide": "Jinshan has a display panel manufacturing leader such as Hehui optoelectronics, as well as an increasingly complete industrial chain and mature industrial policies, so that aolaide is determined to show its skills in Jinshan."

Jiushan electronics, which is located at the downstream of the industrial chain, also bluntly said that "there is no hesitation in choosing Jinshan". As a R & D and production enterprise of special display products, the Jinshan plant in Jiushan is only one street away from Hui optoelectronics. Wu Jianbo, general manager of the company, hopes to exchange "position advantage" for "cooperation advantage". "In choosing Jinshan, we value the broad industrial development space. The area of the new plant under construction will be more than twice that of the existing plant," Wu Jianbo said. "The application of OLED materials is the future development direction of Jiushan. We are in-depth contact with Hehui optoelectronics, and the cooperation potential of both sides is huge."

the "elephant" and "beasts" in the industrial chain

the development trend of Hehui optoelectronics has convinced the chain enterprises that choose Jinshan that "they have not lost sight". In just six years, Hehui optoelectronics, located in Jinshan Industrial Zone, has grown into an "elephant class" enterprise in the domestic new display industry

achieve mass production of AMOLED in 2014, filling the gap in domestic industry; In July 2018, fixed surface flexible products were mass produced and shipped, further breaking the international monopoly; The second phase of the project will be put into operation in the first quarter of next year, mainly producing the 6th generation AMOLED display equipment. After mass production, "Jianzhi" is the top three global AMOLED panel suppliers...

compared with the continuous expansion of production capacity and market, every step taken by this "elephant" in technology has attracted more attention from the industry. From fixed surface flexible screen, to folding screen, and then to curling screen, it is the "trilogy" of flexible display technology. After taking the first step steadfastly, now Hehui optoelectronics is taking two steps backward. According to relevant personnel of the company, Hehui optoelectronics is cooperating with terminal manufacturers to realize the mass production application of folding screen and curling screen as soon as possible

now, around Hehui optoelectronics, a new display industry chain is becoming more and more complete. The upstream has gathered OLED panel material manufacturing enterprises such as aolaide, Laite optoelectronics, fine coating new materials, and OLED panel equipment manufacturing enterprises such as Guangchi technology and Fansheng technology. Among them, Shaanxi Laite optoelectronics will build a project with an annual output of 100 tons of OLED boutique materials and liquid crystal materials in Jinshan Industrial Zone. At the downstream of the industrial chain, there are OLED panel application enterprises such as Jiushan electronics, Lude communication, lanpei light, etc

build a "big magnetic field" and "accelerator" for the new display industry.

in addition to high-quality enterprises and high-quality projects, the heavyweight accelerator of the domestic new display industry also chose to "nest and attract Phoenix" in Jinshan

as a national science and technology business incubator and a national maker space, Wuhan Institute of Optoelectronic Industrial Technology is an integrated platform for the whole industrial chain of science and technology supply, collaborative innovation and industrial services. On October 12 this year, the Institute signed a contract with Jinshan Industrial Park to jointly build Shanghai Optoelectronic Industrial Technology Research Institute, focusing on the key materials and components of the new display industry, and providing enterprises with incubation and acceleration services for the whole innovation cycle and entrepreneurship chain. The Institute also includes a new display industry chain investment fund, with an initial scale of 100million yuan, which focuses on investing in technology achievement conversion projects in the field of new display and injects "the first pot of gold" into scientific and technological innovation enterprises

Zhou Yongchao, chairman of xinjinshan development company, said that the Research Institute will be built into an "adhesive" and "welding point" in the industrial chain to promote the vertical integration of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and the seamless connection between industry, University and research. In the past, the testing cycle of materials and components was long and costly, which was a great burden for upstream and downstream enterprises. In the future, the Institute will provide a package of public testing services and issue authoritative testing data, so that enterprises can concentrate on R & D and production. "

at the same time, Jinshan has made a policy "combination fist" to support the development of the new display industry. New display upstream and downstream supporting enterprises rent factories in the park. Sandvik materials technology has a number of international advanced R & D centers and factory houses around the world for R & D and production, and can enjoy two years of full rent subsidies. Jiushan electronics, which has recently signed a contract, enjoys the policy and will save more than 5million yuan a year. At the same time, the technological transformation projects invested by the enterprise with its own funds can enjoy the financial support of 10% of the fixed asset investment of a single project, up to 50million yuan. Investment in key basic materials, core basic parts and components, and advanced basic technology can enjoy a capital subsidy of 20% of the fixed asset investment, which can also reach 50million yuan

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